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Buy Rental Car - How to Buy a Rental Car from a Car Rental Agency

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Next to purchasing a home, the most expensive purchase most people will ever have to make is buying a car. In fact, many people will end up spending more money on cars in their lifetime than they will on real estate. While purchasing a car can be very expensive, there are ways to save money on a car purchase. A great place to purchase a car, which can offer a significant discount, is purchasing a car from car rental company. While it can be a good way to save money, there are various tips to follow to make purchasing a car from a rental agency a safer purchase.

The first tip to follow when you buy a rental car would be to get a car properly inspected. Cars that are purchased from car rental agencies are always used cars, which are typically about three years old. While they may not be very old, rental cars tend to have far more miles on them then typical cars of the same age. Also, since the drivers of a rental car are not committed long term to the car, they may not drive the car with as much consideration as a normal driver. Because of the risk of the car not being properly driven, there is a large risk that there could be some deferred maintenance needed to keep the car in good shape. To ensure that the car is in decent condition, you should have the car thoroughly inspected by a trusted mechanic prior to finishing the purchase.

The second tip to follow when you buy a rental car would be to negotiate with the rental car agency. While purchasing a car always comes with the opportunity to negotiate the purchase price, getting a used car from a car rental agency could come with even more opportunity to negotiate. This is because rental car companies are more motivated to get rid of their older cars in order to free up capital to purchase new ones. When rental agencies are not able to sell their inventory, they end up selling their cars through an auction process which will normally yield an even lower sales price.

The third tip to follow when you buy a rental car would be to get a warranty from the car rental company. Since most of the cars that are sold through car rental companies are less than three years old, many of the cars sold are still under original manufacturers warranties. Since there is always the risk that major mechanical repairs will be needed, it would be beneficial to gain control of that warranty. In most situations, the warranty can be transferred from the rental car agency’s name to your name. The warranty will then typically be good for up to 100,000 miles.

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