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Infocus Multimedia Projectors - InFocus Multimedia Projectors Light Up Communication

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InFocus, based in Portland, Oregon, has set the industry standard for digital display in large format for over twenty years. Simple overhead projectors were the manual precursor to the versatile and intelligent projectors that connect to a computer or laptop and turn any wall into a computer screen. The input source can be a MAC, PC, television, or video game, and the InFocus projector will reproduce that image on a blank wall or a projector screen in the same resolution with equivalent color quality. With each innovative advancement, the InFocus multimedia projector has become more powerful and useful in business, education, and home settings where projection is important for communication.

Businesses have use InFocus machines from the earliest days when the multimedia support team would provide a shared projector to the reserved meeting room. Few people knew how to operate the projectors successfully, and the meeting start time was usually delayed because of technical difficulties. Each new projector model came with more onboard intelligence that made plugging a computer into the machine the only required action on the part of the user.

Small InFocus multimedia projectors have a footprint smaller than a sheet of notebook paper and can be used in business meetings or education settings where the room is modest and portability is essential. The padded carrying case protects the lens and circuitry from bumps and dings. Connectivity is achieve through a simple USB port, and the machine can be set up in just a couple of minutes when connected to a laptop or the computer network in the room. Travel across the country is equally simple with these lightweight wonders.

For the meeting room or classroom that requires use of an InFocus projector every day, the larger models can be mounted to the ceiling from the bracket on the bottom of the projector. The image is simply inverted by default, and a wireless connection stands ready for the laptop. Reliability is essential and having the permanent connection to the computer network ensures control over projector functions. The only reason to remove the machine from the mounting would be to replace a lamp. Some of the most advanced models include a Magic Wand that is used to highlight, underline, and circle important points on the projected image.

Large venues have presented challenges for presentation quality and ease, until now. Powerful InFocus multimedia projectors have been developed that are capable of matching the resolution quality of any computer screen. To achieve the desired result, five lens options are available, and the projector has the ability to shift the lens to correct image distortions caused by distance. Dual lamps within the projector provide the lumens necessary to reach distant screens where the image must be viewable and legible. Since these large projectors are mounted to the ceiling and left unattended, there are anti-theft security alerts within the projector that can be tied into the building’s security system. Ceilings are very high in large venues where large crowds meet so the projector has a port that allows the room control system to be connected to the projector. Network control is achieved through a separate port. These projector models can display dynamic messages (DMS), including: breaking news, weather warnings, schedule changes, and emergency notifications to ensure the safety of large numbers of people.

Conference centers, sports venues, large church auditoriums, and college lecture halls have been equipped with the most powerful InFocus multimedia projectors. People are so accustomed to constant information displayed in front of them that only the absence of these communication workhorses would be noticed. The ability to communicate ideas clearly and consistently has become a passion for companies and educational institutions as well as the government.

Home theaters are equipped with InFocus multimedia projectors that are capable of native 1080p resolution for the clearest picture available. When positioning the projector within the room, consult the online projection calculator. Exact positioning will ensure many years of movie viewing enjoyment. Home projectors have the same computer and video game console connectivity as the other models. Simply connect the electronic device and synchronize the two machines. Colorful images will be projected on the same wall or screen where the movie would be viewed. InFocus projectors are designed to last for years with minimal maintenance. Many retailers sell the InFocus brand and have experts available to answer questions prior to purchase. Research the options and choose the model that best suits the venue.

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