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Viking Memory Card - Benefits Of A Viking Memory Card

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While most people probably think of console games that require memory cards to store their saved games, there are many other devices that need these cards for storing information, including documents, pictures or software. Memory cards are small, square-shaped objects that are able to hold a specific amount of data for transferring between devices.

A Viking memory card, for instance, is considered an SD card; this stands for Secure Digital. Like memory cards that are placed into the slot of a video game, the SD card is created to fit into a small slot in a digital camera or even an MP3 player. The data stored on the card, such as music, can then be transferred to another MP3 player. Likewise, it can store digital pictures that were taken on the camera, which reduces the risk of their deletion.

Viking Memory

Viking Modular is a company that produces a variety of products that range from internal memory for computers to portable USB sticks. The SD memory card from Viking is a product that has slowly been discontinued; in fact, their industrial grade flash memory card has been unavailable since 2008. However, there is an abundant amount of memory cards by Viking that are still available for purchase through online stores.

SD Cards

Viking has made several types of SD cards since its inception; some of which were discontinued, while others remain a viable product for digital devices. SD cards range in size based on the amount of memory they contain; that is, it’s the amount of storage space that the card has that defines its purpose.

One particular Viking memory card may only contain 128 megabytes of memory, while the same physical-sized card can hold four gigabytes. The physical size of the card is irrelevant; it is the amount of storage space that is most important. Of course, there are card brands that fit only a certain digital device, so it may be wise to read the memory card requirements before purchasing one for your device.

Flash Memory

Flash memory is another term used to describe the type of read-only memory that is used for these cards. Flash memory is basically a chip that stores information without the need of an external power source. This is why it can be transferred easily and be used for a variety of MP3 players and removable-storage devices.

When searching for Viking memory cards, online retailers may refer to them as flash memory cards or SD cards. As long as it is a memory card that fits your device, it can be used. Viking still produces memory sticks for computers, which also take advantage of flash memory. These, however, will not work in a small removable-storage device.


The fact that Viking memory cards are slowly disappearing from the market does not mean that the quality of the cards available are less than sufficient. Many online retailers still carry memory cards from Viking, most of which are rather inexpensive for their size.

Simple truth: The more memory the card contains, the more it will cost; however, this is by no means a price-gouging product. These memory cards are inexpensive, costing anywhere from five dollars for a smaller 128 megabyte card to ten dollars for a two gigabyte card. The more memory that is needed will affect the overall price; therefore, a four gigabyte card can cost between ten and twenty dollars depending on which retailer you purchase it from. Also, individual prices may vary.

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