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Uni Ball Pens - Guard Your Identity Using Uni Ball Pens

ink written water colors

According to the American Bankers Association Deposit Account Survey Report, “check washing” accounts for between nine hundred million and one billion dollars of identity theft yearly.

“Check washing” is the process used by identity thieves to steal written checks, change the payee and amount for which the check is written, deposit the money to their own account, finally withdrawing the cash and making their get-away.

Checks written with water based dye ink pens are easily washed by using bleach and other common household chemicals because this type of ink merely stains the paper.

Fortunately, uni ball pens, manufactured by Mitsubishi Pencils Company of Tokyo, Japan, and distributed in the United States by Sanford L.P., provide a simple, economical, and effective deterrent to check washing activity.

Any of their pens bearing the “Uni Super Ink” logo feature a pigment, rather than water based ink, that is trapped in the fibers of paper. Attempting to wash a check that has been written with a uni ball pen with super ink technology will result in an obviously altered document, or even destroy the document to such an extent that it becomes unusable.

This extra level of fraud protection does not come at the expense of limited selection or poor writing performance. There are capped and retractable versions, and even a line designed not to leak when subjected to high altitudes, ideal for business fliers. This model is called the Jetstream, and features quick drying ink that resists smearing, and provides one of the smoothest writing pens of the uni ball pens line.

Many models have see-through ink barrels, which is a nice feature for knowing when the pen is close to running out of ink. One innovative design, the Fusion model, has ink that starts out clear and changes to the chosen color when it comes into contact with air and paper.

Uni ball pens with pigmented ink are offered in six gel, seven roller, and four traditional ball point models. There is a wide array of colors and four point widths from which to choose. Of all these, there are only two models, the Vision and the Vision Exact, both from the roller ball line, that offer some unique colors that will not accommodate super ink technology. These colors are green, pink, purple, scarlet, and brilliant blue. This is a minor consideration, since most checks and business documents are traditionally prepared with blue and black ink.

Uni ball pens supply the additional benefits of being fade and water resistant, and acid free, meaning that the inks are of archival quality and can be preserved for long periods of time.

Uni Ball Gel ink pens at one time acquired a reputation for sometimes being scratchy and skipping, much like old fashioned fountain pens. This is due to the pigment based ink’s greater thickness, and has been experienced by all gel ink pen manufacturers, to the extent that some manufacturers use a dye base, water-base gel ink. Rather than sacrifice fade and water resistance and acid-free qualities of their pens, Uni ball continues to make improvements to its pigment based ink that it claims produce brighter colors and smooth writing properties. They go so far as to make a slightly different ink for the retractable pen styles than the capped models, and advise those who find skipping and scratchiness problematic to use wider tipped pens.

Uni ball pens and refills can be found at most office supply stores, grocery and drug stores; basically anyplace where writing instruments are sold.

Businesses want a high quality promotional pen can contact an extensive network of authorized distributors by visiting the uni ball pens web site or calling 1-800-323-0749.

For any other reason uni ball pens can be contacted directly on line at uniball-na.com, or 800-323-0749. For written communication, the address is:

Attn: Consumer Affairs
2707 Butterfield Road
Oak Brook, IL 60523

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