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Distance Learning High School - Advantages of a Distance Learning High School

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The Internet has provided many ways for people to learn and further their educations. Taking classes online has become so popular that most colleges now offer at least a few courses online. In terms of distance learning, high school courses are also now online. Depending on the student’s educational goals, these courses can either be used for enrichment purposes, or to complete a degree.

High school courses offered online can be taken by students for many types of reasons. Some students have health problems that force them to frequently miss school. Students with families who are in the military and who relocate frequently, or who are temporarily living abroad, may find it more convenient and productive to take all of their classes through one online high school based in the United States. Students who are being bullied, students who are not challenged by the coursework offered at their local high school, or students whose parents would prefer they not attend public school for religious reasons also may find that an online high school better meets their educational needs. Online high school programs also provide a way for adults who did not complete high school to receive their diploma. Before they make a decision in terms of distance learning high schools, parents and students should research what their state requires in order to get a high school diploma. Nearly every distance learning high school has some sort of accreditation, but it varies from state to state as to whether this is acceptable to the statewide board of education. Even if the diploma is not recognized by the state board of education, it may be possible to incorporated it into a homeschooling curriculum which is acceptable at the state level. Another option is for the student to take high school classes over the Internet, and then take the GED test and get an equivalency diploma. In terms of picking an online high school education, there are many providers to choose from. Many colleges and universities, such as the University of Oklahoma and the University of Missouri, offer coursework for high school students. Depending on the school, the students may be required to complete the coursework in a specific period of time, or they may be able to go through the material at their own pace. For a diploma, many programs require that students complete a prescribed syllabus of classes. These classes general include: English, mathematics, social studies, and science. There are also generally several electives that the student can choose from. Along with having teachers and professors which help students complete online classes, many distance learning high schools provide students with other support staff. People like academic advisors and career counselors can help students through the online high school program, and can provide the student with college and career information to be used when they complete the program. Though distance education programs do rely heavily on the Internet as a way to interact, many also employ other methods when delivering instruction to students. They may send out videos or use video streaming when a teacher or professor gives a lecture. Some use teleconferences for discussions. Some even occasionally will use the mail like correspondence schools did in the past, to mail hard copies of materials, or as a way for students to submit tests or other materials. Tuition for online classes can vary from program to program. If cost is an issue, it is best to investigate several online programs to find which may provide the best value. Along with per hour (or per course) tuition, there can be additional fees such as technology fees, graduation fees, or transcript fees. Some schools charge for things like evaluating a student’s portfolio for a course. After the student completes the coursework that their distance learning high school specifies, they can graduate. Some programs even have in-person graduation ceremonies for their students. Many programs provide their students with services after they receive their diploma. They will do things such as send official transcripts to the colleges their graduates apply to. Often, they also keep a list of alumni for networking, career, and social purposes. Because of this, they can often provide students with more resources than traditional homeschooling does.
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