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Single Travel Insurance - What is Single Travel Insurance?

purchasing single travel insurance

Travel insurance is a topic that people debate over. They wonder if the expense is worth it, as most vacation trips go smoothly. But should one thing happen it could ruin a long-planned vacation time. Lost luggage or family illness will be stressful during a vacation, especially if the incidents occur in a country outside of the United States where communicating in a foreign language could be problematic. Just like insurance for a car or for health, single trip travel insurance will provide peace of mind in case of emergencies.

Single vs. Annual Travel Insurance

Some people travel often during the year, whether for business or vacations. A person taking several trips throughout the year would probably elect an annual travel insurance policy. This type of insurance would provide coverage for any type of trip in a given 12-month period.

But most people take an annual vacation once a year. Annual travel insurance can be expensive, so a single travel insurance option would be the best choice for the occasional traveler.

Single Travel Insurance

Single travel insurance will provide protection for the traveler for incidents out of the traveler’s control, such as:

•Delayed Departures – compensation if the mode of transportation to a destination is delayed

•Holiday Disruption – covers compensation if traveler is inpatient for 48 hours or more during trip

•Medical Emergencies – payment for medical care if traveler gets ill during the trip

•Cancellation – reimbursement if trip has to be cancelled for legitimate reason

•Personal Accident – provides coverage for loss of limb and/or permanent disability due to accident incurred during trip

•Legal Expenses – compensation for any legal expenses occurred during trip for third party personal accident

•Hijacking / Mugging – coverage for expenses due to hijacking and/or mugging

•Emergency Passport Expenses – if passport is loss or stolen, provides compensation for travel, accommodations, and communication expenses

•Personal Money – will replace cash, travelers checks, travel tickets, passport, and license due to loss or theft

•Delayed Baggage – on outward journey will cover delayed baggage expenses for 12 hours

All single travel policies will have limitations, exclusions, and pre-existing conditions, so it is beneficial to review all the fine print before selecting a policy. Compare at least 3 policies, more if available, to ensure that the single travel policy will meet the needs of the traveler.

There are also optional riders that can be added to the single travel insurance policy, so it is prudent to review those as well. They will add additional costs to the policy, so only take them if they will provide real, direct value under the travel circumstances. Check to determine if theft from a hotel room will be covered, along with any car rental expenses. Also, make sure that the coverage being purchased is not for expenses that could be covered under personal car rental, credit card, or home-owners insurance policies.

Ensure that all modes of transportation are covered under the selected policy. If taking a cruise, make sure that the air transport or other means of transportation to the cruise line is covered.

Purchasing Single Travel Insurance

Fully understand how the reimbursement policy is structured. Are expenses covered immediately, or is it a delayed reimbursement policy? Check to see the process and procedure for obtaining reimbursement; are there multiple claims forms that have to be filed? Determine whether or not cancellation due to terrorist acts and/or alerts are covered, and make sure there are no destination restrictions. It is often cost-effective to purchase a policy two weeks before the trip, so plan accordingly.

Rather than just going with the single travel insurance offered by the travel agent, do an independent research of all options.

After reviewing all the information and reading the fine print of exclusions and conditions of several insurance companies offering single travel insurance, make a purchase for the dates of the trip. Many companies offer the insurance per day, so include the day of departure, the day the trip ends, and all days in between.

Is single travel insurance worth it? When planning all year and saving money for the perfect vacation, should anything go wrong having the insurance will provide the peace of mind that it will be covered and taken care of appropriately.

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