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Car Rental Fl - How to Find a Cheap Car Rental in Fl

early or late booking diversify search methods package deals coupons memberships and associations

If you are out to find cheap FL car rentals, a few simple tips can help you save a fortune without much work on your part. First, plan to book either very early or very late. Second, combine cold calls with internet searches. Third, consider package deals that include accommodation, airfare and car rental altogether. Fourth, search out coupons via social discount clubs and travel forums. Fifth, discover whether you qualify for any discounts on account of your memberships and associations.

Early or Late Booking

If you book at least a month in advance of your trip, you are likely to secure a much cheaper car rental in FL. This is due to the fact that rental prices are based upon supply and demand. Florida car rentals are far less in demand a month in advance of any given travel date, as most people book within a two-week range of their trip.

Conversely, if your feel like living by the seat of your pants, you might try your hand at booking a cheap car rental in FL at the very last minute. Cancellations and overstock can afford you a stellar deal on car rentals and you may very well secure a car rental in Florida that is far below the going rate. Be aware that booking last minute is chancy, and if demand is high on your travel dates, you may end up paying above the going rate to secure one of the last few rentals available. This is particularly possible during holiday weekends, when large numbers of people tend to rent cars for travel.

Diversify Search Methods

While an online search query and discount travel sites are terrific means of securing cheap FL car rentals, you should also consider diversifying your search a bit for better results. Check airline websites in order to see if their rental ‘partners’ are offering special deals via their website only.

In addition, cold call different rental companies in FL using the yellow pages. While this idea may seem antiquated, it stands to save you a great deal of money. Some cheap car rentals in Florida are not published on any website whatsoever and a simple phone call could score you a terrifically low price.

Package Deals

Often, various travel agencies will bundle their individual offerings into bundles that stimulate sales, while giving the consumer a large discount for large package purchases. If you plan to fly into Florida, see if you can get a dual-deal that includes both flight and rental for one low price. In addition, if you need hotel accommodations while in town, you can get an even deeper discount by bundling all three travel necessities together via a special deal.

Online travel sites and storefront travel agencies are the best places to look for a cheap car rental in Fl by way of a package deal. Check back frequently, as new deals are frequently put together and are quickly snapped up by other savvy travelers.


Social coupon sites make their living by offering large quantities of deeply discounted items. When it comes time to find FL cheap car rentals, you should visit sites such as Living Social and Groupons in order to find deals that often slash more than 50% off the price of rentals and other products or services. In addition, some sites cater specifically to social travel deals, such as TravelZoo. These sites offer last minute FL car rental deals that can save you a bundle.

Memberships and Associations

A number of discounts are available to members of various clubs and associations, though most people forget to inquire as to whether they qualify. Groups such as AAA and AARP will often score you a discount at car rental agencies in Florida. Active members of the military and student also commonly qualify for discounted rental rates.

In addition, many credit cards carry with them the added benefit of discounted rates through various rental agencies. You can often score a discount on car rentals in FL by booking your vehicle using a participating credit card. You may also earn points or money-back from your card, making your rental even lower priced in the end.

Use these simple tips to find a cheap car rental in FL that other travelers may miss out on.

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