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Travel Insurance Student - Types of Travel Insurance for Students

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Traveling is fun and it also presents many unexpected situations. Many students travel abroad to widen their horizons and enhance their current student programs. This is exciting and presents one in a lifetime opportunity, as each cycle on a student’s year is different and presents different challenges. However, students must be prepared to face unexpected situations when traveling that may require protection through travel insurance for students. In order to cover his/her student travel, a person must obtain travel insurance, student version.

This type of student insurance may include medical travel insurance and travel insurance a student will need to be properly covered for domestic and international traveling when pursuing his/her studies. Travel insurance, student version may include medical coverage, assistance service 24 hours and 7 days a week, interruption of trip coverage, and emergency coverage during medical evacuation situations. Coverage depends on the number of days a student is traveling, for how long, whether it is a few days, a week, or an entire semester. Some insurance providers will categorize it in 1-15 days, 15-30 days, or over 30 days plus blocks of time. Some policies can be renewed for up to three years.

Plans may have different names and types of coverage depending on the insurance provider. Some providers will have international student health insurance, international medical student travel insurance, or international major medical insurance for a student in separate or in combined policies – it depends on the provider. Other times, travel insurance, student versions are separate into domestic policies, student group policies, and study abroad policies.

Some Travel Insurance student policies cover for medical expenses when studying, traveling, or living abroad, but also cover unexpected accidents and any injuries, as part of the same policy. Examples of coverage in some of these types of policies include, coverage for up to 1 million dollars, prescriptions, doctor visits, hospital visits, hospital room and board, physical therapy, emergency dental care, ambulance, intensive care, hospital indemnity, treatments as an outpatient, pre-existing condition acute onset, medical or political evacuation, emergency reunion, repatriation, lost luggage, trip interruption, accidental death, accidental dismemberment, natural disaster benefits, terrorism, common carrier accidental death, accident related injuries, return of minor children, and much more. There are different deductibles and amount/percentage of coverage on these policies. There are also many exclusions on these policies that a student must be aware before obtaining the policy. These policies are designed to work abroad and coverage is explained in detail, so it is important that students familiarize themselves with inclusions and exclusions on their policy. Coverage start and end period is important to know, and it will have to be specified in the application. Premium rates vary by age, amount of coverage, domestic or international coverage, and if there are any dependent children involved.

There is optional coverage called sometimes Optional Hazardous Sports Rider for students that will practice sports or amateur sports activities.

There are also especial policies known as study abroad insurance with different amounts of coverage and different inclusions and exclusions when compared to Travel Medical Student Insurance Policies. One provider can offer both, or a combination of different coverage. The length of traveling is important when selecting the proper travel insurance student policy.

In some circumstances, if a student travels to an area that has been deemed dangerous and labeled as a “do not go area” by the government, a policy may be invalidated. A simple and inexpensive student travel protection policy will cover basics such as trip cancellation, delays, or interruption, emergency medical and evacuation, baggage delay, loss of baggage, and common carrier accidental death and dismemberment, and include special features such as terrorist event coverage, travel supplier default coverage, 24 hour worldwide assistance, and waiver of preexisting condition, under certain time limits. These simple policies are designed to cover students in tight budgets. The eligibility is for worldwide citizens, all nationalities, and ages under 24 years old. In some, residents of India, Thailand, and Russia are excluded. Students can be part-time or full-time. Students in tight budgets can benefit from these types of policies and enjoy traveling abroad while protected for basics.

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