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Debit Gift Card - Give the Flexibility of a Debit Gift Card

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One of the most difficult decisions when purchasing a gift card is which store the gift recipient likes most. Instead of purchasing a gift card for one store, choose the debit gift card that carries the logo of a major credit card company. Many banks offer the privilege of purchasing debit gift cards without paying the fees to place the money on the account and personalize the card. The gift recipient’s name will appear on the card under the credit card number. The word “debit” is printed above the bank logo near the upper right corner of the card. Credit card companies entered the gift card business to compete in with popular merchant gift cards and offer the flexibility to purchase virtually anything online or in a store and have the trust of merchant and customer alike.

When the debit gift card is given as a gift, the recipient can use the card to purchase anything up to the amount on the account associated with the card. Anywhere the credit card company’s card would be accepted, the debit card is also welcome. Even travel-related expenses, like rental car and hotel bills, can be paid with a bank-backed gift card. The balance on the debit card can be verified over the phone or online according to the information printed on the back of the card. Prior to using the card, activation procedures must be followed, and the back of the card must be signed. Many merchants will ask for proper identification to match the signature and name to prevent theft. Write down the card number, and the 800 number on the back of the card, prior to leaving home in case the card is lost or stolen. The credit card company will need the exact credit card number and the name on the card, to deactivate the lost card and issue a replacement. Keep track of the card balance if purchases made add up to less than the remaining balance on the card. Some merchant point-of-sale machines will require the cashier to enter the remaining amount on the card to update the remaining balance stored on the magnetic strip on the back of the card. If the sales transaction is cancelled after completion, four to seven business days will be required to refund the money and release the authorization hold placed on the card by the issuing credit card company.

When using the debit gift card to place an order from on online ecommerce website, the debit gift card must be registered with the issuing bank. Every website requires billing information that matches the credit card so those personal details will be required for online purchases. Contact the bank, through the number printed on the back of the card, and be prepared to answer the questions as the information is entered. Ask how much time must elapse prior to the card information being updated in the system. When the card is updated, follow the normal purchase process for the favored website and make the purchase for less than the remaining balance on the card. A second form of payment cannot be accommodated by ecommerce websites for the remaining balance.

Major credit card companies are trusted because of their unmatched reputations for consistent fund transfers to merchants. Every credit and debit card with the logo of a major credit card company is backed by consumer insurance that guarantees the value on the card. While some gift cards have been issued fraudulently, the logo of the major bank assures gift recipient and merchant alike that the funds are in the account that backs the card.

When a business owner would like to give debit gift cards to employees as gifts, there are bulk purchase options offered by most major banks. Since the personal information for the recipients is not required, the debit gift card is an easy way to say, “thank you,” for a great year of business. Payment for debit gift cards can be made with cash, check, or credit card depending on where the purchase is made. Some brick and mortar bank branches will require cash to lower their cost of issuing the card without charging the fees to the purchaser. Online purchases will require an active major credit or debit card with a sufficient credit line or bank balance to cover the cost of the debit gift card. When giving a debit gift card, remind the recipient to record the number on the card in case of loss.

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