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How To Wax Car - How to Wax Your Car

buffer applying shine waxing

By understanding how to wax your car, you can give your car the the shine it deserves. Waxing your car causes it to take on the appearance of being brand new, looking just as it did the first day it sat on the dealership parking lot. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to make a few basic mistakes while they are waxing. The sad fact of the matter is, this typically ends up having a detrimental effect on the car, rather than a positive one. Understanding how to wax your car properly is an important skill that must be learned in order to avoid this problem.

The basic idea behind car waxing is straightforward. It is when a coat of wax is applied to a car. The wax consists of oils and chemicals that cause the car to shine by reflecting the sun’s rays. If you are prepared, and know what you are doing, the process goes by swiftly and smoothly.

Before doing anything else, make sure that the wax itself is of a high quality. The shine that you get from a waxing has a lot to do with the quality of the materials used in the wax. A low quality wax will lose its shine within just a few days, making it essentially useless. High quality waxes might be more expensive up front, but the fact that they last longer really makes them the more inexpensive option in the end. The wax can come in one of two forms: liquid and paste. Paste tends to offer a better shine, while liquid tends to last longer. Some require a buffer, and other just need the car to be washed. Be sure to read the instructions so you are sure.

Once you have chosen a wax, there are a few things you need to do for preparation. Before anything else, the car needs to be washed. If it isn’t, the dirt and grime will simply get trapped underneath the wax, which is not a pretty site. Not only that, but while you are applying the wax you will rub the dirt up against the finish of your car, which often results in unsightly scratches. If their are any scratches on the car, have them removed using a polishing compound.

Once you are finished washing the car, wipe it dry. The car should be parked in a shady area before you start waxing it. When you begin applying the wax, you should only apply it to one part of the car at a time. Follow the directions in order to ensure that you are using the proper amount of polish. If you use too much, it will look sloppy and messy. Use a clean cotton cloth to apply the wax to the car. Many people make a mistake during this stage by applying the wax in a circular motion. This is incorrect. The wax should be applied in straight lines. It doesn’t make a difference whether the lines are vertical or horizontal, just make sure that you are not rubbing the wax in a circle, or being inconsistent. Once you have finished applying the wax, take a short break. The break should give the wax time to settle, but not to dry. Return to the car and begin removing the wax, starting in the same area that you first applied the wax. Wipe the wax off of the car with a terry material.

Alternatively, the wax can be applied using a buffer. This makes the process go far more swiftly. If you choose to do it this way, start by applying the wax to the buffer pad. Start the buffer, then gradually move the buffer over the finish of the car. Make sure to give the buffer a firm grip, and move it over the entire finish of the car. Do not apply too much pressure, and don’t rub the buffer against the car. It will do the work on its own. Same as hand applying, let the wax settle for a period but don’t let it dry. Remove the wax by applying the wax removal material to the buffer pad and running the buffer back over the finish of the car, starting with the area where the wax was applied first.

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