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Search Engine Top Placement - How to Achieve Search Engine Top Placement

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Search engine top placement results are what every savvy business owner is after and once you discover how to achieve them, you will be well on your way toward increasing sales and bolstering your clientele roster. Three basic strategies all feed the end goal of landing in the first three pages of major search engine results. First, search engine optimization (SEO) will help you to organically achieve search engine top placement. Second, link building is a terrific means of improving rankings on major search engines. Third, utilizing social media forums in cyberspace will help you to generate activity on your website and gain the attention of search engine crawlers, which ultimately help to determine how close to the top of search engine results you land.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website content -as well as your other content strewn across the internet – is the primary means of achieving top placement in search engine results listings. Major search engines operate via a sophisticated algorithm, which helps them to select the most relevant websites to list in direct response to the exact key words entered by web browsers into search query fields.

Therefore, by peppering both your website and other online content with the very key words the members of your niche market are likely to enter into query fields, you vastly improve your chances of achieving search engine top placement. Try to select keywords that are not being utilized by other website owners, in order to minimize competition and maximize your chances of drawing highly targeted traffic to your website.

Online article directories are another way to incorporate effective SEO strategies in order to bolster your search engine placement in results listings. Simply write and submit articles that add real value to the lives of the individuals that comprise your targeted niche market. Pepper the articles with key words, which will ensure that your articles place at the top of search engine results. Most article directories allow you to place a direct link to your website on your articles, which provides a way for interested parties to discover more about all you have to offer with a single click of their computer mouse.

Link Building

Major search engines tend to group websites together into “neighborhoods”. If you associate yourself with a good neighborhood, you are likely to gain yourself the search engine top placement results you are after. Conversely, if you are associated with a bad online neighborhood, you are likely to get yourself blacklisted or stuck at the bottom of search results listings.

Link building is the best way to associate yourself with good neighborhoods online. Network with high quality editorial sites that have gained a good online reputation and have active websites. Make arrangements with them to create inbound links from each of your sites to the others. In this manner, you will link arms with other successful website owners on the internet and gain favorable attention from major search engines. This accomplished, you will find that your search engine top placement chances are greatly improved.

Social Media

Online social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter and Delicious offer terrific means of generating a great deal of activity for your website, which in turn results in improved search engine results rankings. Gain top placement in search engine results by maintaining several different social media accounts. Post daily, value-adding tip, quizzes or special offers for all your online ‘friends’ to see. Include a direct link to your website, so that individuals can click right through to your company home page.

Be aware that the more content you post on a regular basis and the more inbound links to your site you create, the more dramatic the results are likely to be when it comes to achieving top placement in search engine results. Post as much material as you possibly can, while not sacrificing the quality of the posted content. In this manner, you are likely to gain relevance in the eyes of search engine crawlers, and climb your way to a search engine results listings placement that will gain you all the targeted traffic you can handle.

By incorporating these three tips for search engine top placement, you stand to improve your marketing impact at a very low cost.

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