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Mens Long Sleeve Shirt - Choosing a Mens Long Sleeve Shirt

cotton shirts wool material

For most men, shopping for clothing is more of a by-design necessity than it is enjoyable. Many guys don’t know the difference between one material and another, which can make choosing the correct clothes more difficult than most people might think. The fact is, learning the difference between materials is both beneficial and easy. Once you can accurately tell which material is meant for a given scenario, buying clothes not only becomes easier – it becomes fun. Choosing a mens long sleeve shirt comes down to knowing which of the following materials is right for the season and situation you will be wearing it in.


Cotton is perhaps the most common material found in clothing, so it should come as no surprise that most mens long sleeve shirts are made primarily out of it. Cotton is perfect for summertime in that it is easy to care for, very breathable and light in weight. Since many mens long sleeve shirts are actually dress shirts, cotton is an extremely common material in the clothing worn by working professionals. The downsides of cotton are certainly existent, however, in that it can shrink when run through the washer and offers little to no protection from the element. What cotton lacks in functionality, it makes up in appearance, making it the perfect material for clothing worn primarily for aesthetic reasons.


Wool is another extremely common fabric found in mens long sleeve shirts, and for many people is preferable over cotton for a number of reasons. For one, wool is far more heavy-duty than cotton, which usually results in a warmer garment. Wool is also not quite as susceptible to shrinkage as cotton, although it must be cared for diligently. While wool is often found in sweaters and other long sleeve garments, perhaps its most common incarnation is flannel, which in and of itself is an entire category of clothing. For those looking to warm up a bit in the fall and winter, wool is always an excellent choice.


While not nearly as common as cotton or wool, silk is a much-loved material by many clothing designers for mens long sleeve shirts, mainly because of its smooth texture and the way it falls. Silk shirts are often reserved for special occasions, as they can be quite flashy. One of the major downsides to silk clothing is that like cotton, it is extremely light in weight and does not offer very much warmth or protection. When all you’re going for is aesthetics, however, silk is a great material that can make just about anyone look a notch better than normal.


Like silk, denim is not quite as common as cotton or wool, but it happens to be an excellent material for mens long sleeve shirts. As most people know, denim is often employed for either jackets or jeans, and is not commonly used for shirts. A denim shirt, however, can really turn heads and attract attention. The great thing about denim is that it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it offers more warmth than cotton or silk. Denim long sleeve shirts are a great way to switch things up.

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