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Att Prepaid Card - A Guide to an ATT Prepaid Card

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ATT is a cell phone company that offers an ATT prepaid card option in addition to the contract cell phone plan. Unlike contract cell phones, an ATT prepaid phone uses a prepaid card in order to work just like a contract phone. Those who use an ATT prepaid card do not have to pay a monthly bill. A person only needs to add minutes to the phone by purchasing an ATT prepaid card. This also benefits customers who currently have a contract phone. Customers can purchase an ATT prepaid card while still enjoying an existing plan.

ATT Prepaid Card

An ATT prepaid card is also known as a SIM card. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. This is used as a storage and identification device for all GSM or Global System for Mobile Communication, cell phones. Customers who have an ATT phone need an ATT prepaid card in order for the phone to work properly. In other words, even if one does not have an ATT prepaid card, the phone will turn on but it will not have the ability to call or text another phone. ATT prepaid cards have a certain phone number that will let the number appear on another person’s caller I.D. In addition, prepaid cards store contact information. This means that a customer’s numbers will be transferred from one phone to another. This saves a lot of time and hassle.

The Difference between Contract Phones and Prepaid Cards

The difference between an ATT prepaid card and an ATT contract is the information that is stored on the prepaid card. This bit of information is known as the account balance. Unlike an ATT contract phone, the prepaid card stores information about the amount of money that the customer has put on the phone for minutes. Contracts for AT phones specify how many minutes one can use each month. There is no specific dollar amount.

Common Misunderstandings about ATT Prepaid Cards

The most common misunderstanding about ATT prepaid cards is the belief that one can transfer an ATT prepaid card into any available prepaid phone. Although this is possible, the ATT prepaid card will not work on any phone that operates a prepaid card. Only ATT phones can recognize ATT prepaid cards. This is mainly because ATT locks all of its phones. This means that ATT ties prepaid cards specifically to ATT phones. By doing this other prepaid cards will not work on an ATT phone. In addition to this, prepaid phones may be available at a discount price by the carrier. This marketing method is a way to convince others to use an ATT phone with an ATT prepaid card instead of a different phone with a different plan.

Benefits of Using an ATT Prepaid Card

There are many different available benefits when a customer uses an ATT prepaid card. One of the most noticeable benefits is the fact that the ATT prepaid card automatically transfers all of the card’s information to the new phone when a customer decides to switch phones. This information includes caller I.D. information and the customer’s contact list. This becomes very beneficial since it saves the user time. Other benefits include the fact that the ATT prepaid card activates the new phone as soon as it is inserted in the phone. In addition, ATT prepaid card users do not have to worry about purchasing a contract. Customers can purchase minutes whenever minutes are needed. Using an ATT prepaid card saves money as well. ATT prepaid cards usually only cost between twenty dollars and fifty dollars.

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