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Mens Silk Shirts - Qualities to Consider when Selecting Men's Silk Shirts

quality fabric men’s thread

Men’s silk shirts are made from a natural fiber threads that are strong, absorbent, very lightweight and resistant to stretching. Silk threads come from the cocoons of the moth caterpillar, which is often mistakenly called a “silkworm”. Strands of silken material, as thin as a human hair, are harvested from several cocoons at once and the strands are reeled together to make a single thread. A thread that is reeled from six cocoons at one time will be thinner than a thread that is reeled from twelve cocoons. Fabric weaved with thinner threads will have a higher “thread count” which affects the quality of men’s silk shirts. Silk that has a higher thread count will be more tightly woven and have a soft, smooth feel. In addition, shirts that are tightly woven are less likely to pull apart at the seams.

Other things can affect the quality of men’s silk shirts beside the diameter of the thread that is used when weaving the fabric. The weaving process used to produce the fabric is also important. Silk is one area where handmade is better than machine made. Experts believe that the silk produced on a loom by hand is of better quality than the silk produced by a machine. Because the threads woven by hand are a tad uneven, each thread can catch the sunlight which makes the color of the shirt more vibrant. Silk fabric woven on a machine is too uniform and the color is not as bright.

The way the silk fabric is processed can also affect the quality of men’s silk shirts. Color can be affected by the quality of the dye used and whether or not the fabric was washed before the dye was applied. Dye does not stick as well to unwashed silk threads because of their composition, and over time the color of a shirt manufactured with silk that was not pre-washed may begin to fade. Good quality fabric is also treated with a chemical solution to preserve the quality and color of the fabric, and to makes the fabric more wrinkle resistant.

Men’s silk shirts can be manufactured with a blend of silk and another material like cotton, rayon, or polyester. A shirt made with 100% silk is more expensive than a shirt made with a blend of materials because pure silk fabric is expensive to produce. However, a silk blend is a good option for those consumers who are on a budget and looking for a durable, attractive alternative to pure silk.

Men’s silk shirts come in a variety of styles including polos, crews, t-shirts, dress shirts, and the insulated “long john” styles. Silk is popular and has a variety of uses because it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Men’s silk shirts are made with short and long sleeves, and they come ready-made in all sizes or they can be tailor-made to fit any man.

Choosing a silk shirt can be a daunting task because many of the attributes that contribute to the quality of a silk shirt cannot be ascertained by simply looking at it. China, India, Japan, Italy, Thailand, Russia, Turkey, and Brazil are the leading countries that produce silk. By a consensus, experts tend to agree that the silk produced in Thailand is the best quality, but that’s not to say that the other countries do not produce quality silk. On the contrary, too many factors play into role to state that a consumer should only select men’s silk shirts made in Thailand. Perhaps the best way to pick fine men’s silk shirts is to base the decision on the reputation of the retail outlet where the shirt is being purchased.

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