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Christmas Ideas For Men - Looking at some Great Christmas Ideas for Men

month dinner offers beer

Trying to come up with some excellent Christmas ideas for men can be quite frustrating. Usually, the result is to fall back to the same old Christmas ideas for men. A new pair of slippers, a robe or tie, the usual ho-hum ideas. Sure, men are thankful for what ever they get, but the fact is, Christmas ideas for men could be better.

For instance, a large percentage of men do enjoy an occasional beer. Now, they may have a brand of store bought beer that they always come home with, and yet, they are always talking about sampling a extremely hard to find exotic beer that they can brag to their friends about, and can never seem to get. There is an answer. Clubs Galore offers an International beer of the Month club featuring four different monthly plans. Men will love these award winning rare micro-beers from around the world. Each month men will receive a package containing exotic beers from such far away places as Russia, Greece, and Japan to name but a few areas of the world.

A great Christmas idea for men who like everything from a romantic dinner for two aboard a bay cruise ship to flying as a guest combat fighter pilot for a day, introducing Cloud Nine Living. Cloud Nine offers gift cards for everything from an evening dinner cruise, race car driving, fighter pilot for a day, and everything in-between. Treat men to a romantic dinner and evening for two at the various bays and harbors aboard a luxury cruise ship from New York to San Diego. Enjoy a dinner buffet of international cuisine and breathtaking skylines. After dinner, romantic music and dancing under the stars.

For men who are racing enthusiasts, Cloud Nine offers gift cards for “in the driver’s seat” race car high speed driving. Racing cars that are available include Indy cars to dragsters, and everything in-between. For men who are adrenaline junkies, the fighter pilot for a day gift card is the ultimate in great Christmas ideas for men from Cloud Nine Living. Men will experience the heart-pounding excitement of flying a combat mission in a dogfight against an enemy fighter aircraft. Their instructor will be the man who was there in the actual dogfight.

Some more great Christmas ideas for men would be retro game consoles like ATARI. This old school game console is all in one TV compatible, featuring wood grain finish. The system has been up-dated and is only two-thirds the size of the 1977 original. Capture by-gone years with such games as asteroids, centipede, and much more.

It has been said, “It is difficult to find a man that does not like bacon”. What better way to surprise men than with a gift of delicious gourmet bacon delivered every month to the door, with a choice of membership subscription. Beacon Freak offers 3, 6, and 12 month suitable memberships that will deliver two packages of exceptional quality gourmet bacon right to the door each month. Shipping is included.

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