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Car Insurance Short Term - Car Insurance Can Be Purchased for the Short Term

company policy cover coverage

When someone, who lives in the wide open spaces where mass transportation is non-existent, hears that a car insurance policy can cover just a day or two, he laughs hysterically. Car insurance policies are normally written for six to twelve months, and the same policy will be in force for decades while the insurance agent becomes a lifelong friend. As mass transportation networks grew to cover large areas of the east and west coasts, many people have decided to live without owning a personal automobile. Certain events in life require the use of a vehicle, but driving without insurance is illegal and very risky. City dwellers started to seek out car insurance for extremely short time periods, and insurance companies responded to the market request for short term car insurance by designing policies with varying levels of coverage. For people in densely populated areas who do not own a car, these car insurance policies make renting a car more affordable, cover the driver when borrowing a friend’s car, or cover a car that normally sits in a storage parking lot.
When someone who lives in a metropolitan area flies to a distant destination and attempts to rent a car, there are some choices. One of the first is to use the coverage offered by the rental car company and pay a fairly high rate to cover an event that probably will not happen. Another option is to use their personal automobile insurance policy coverage for the driver and the car. When the traveler does not carry personal auto insurance, a third option is to find an insurance company that underwrites drivers for short periods of time. Prior to departure, a reputable insurance company, that offers a one-week car insurance policy, can be engaged. Last minute research presents some risks because the information provided by third parties is not always objective. Know which company to use for the vacation trip prior to leaving home.

Moving from one residence to another presents a problem to the person who does not own a personal automobile. Renting a truck may be too much of a hassle or not be required for the number of belongings involved. If a friend owns a vehicle and is willing to loan the vehicle, a short term car insurance policy can be purchased to avoid a possible claim against someone else’s insurance policy. The policy can be written to cover twenty four hours or less and can cover every possible scenario, including: theft, accident, and vandalism. Purchasing short term car insurance provides the coverage needed without negatively impacting a friendship.

Personal car ownership can be a convenience when the car is taken out of storage for the weekend or to drive to a nearby getaway. While the car is in storage, the car insurance policy is not necessary, but driving the vehicle requires at least liability coverage. Short term car insurance policies are easily purchased for a few days and for the distances traveled. When the car will be driven outside the state of residence, the policy must cover that fact or the coverage is nullified. If the questionnaire does not ask this question, make sure to find a company that will cover events in the other states on the itinerary. Verifying coverage is essential to preventing surprises after the insurance policy is needed for a claim.

Short term car insurance policies have the same basic characteristics as traditional policies, including: liability only, comprehensive, and medical insurance coverage. Some rules apply to the medical expenses that will be covered under the car insurance and which medical bills must be paid by the health insurance company that covers the driver and the passengers in the event of an accident. Read all the fine print on the paperwork provided and do not make any assumptions concerning events or levels of coverage. Look for phrases that give the insurance company reasons to not pay the claim. When searching for a reputable company, look for a track record of successful claim settlement. Read comments from current and previous clients that will give some indication of customer satisfaction. Most car insurance providers can give recommendations for a short term car insurance company. The well-known companies do not normally underwrite these types of policies, so be prepared to deal with an unfamiliar company.

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