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Wireless Card Desktop - How To Buy And Install A Desktop Wireless Card

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Buying the right desktop wireless card can make a big difference in a person’s home networking capabilities. A desktop wireless card gives a computer user the ability to connect to a home wireless network without any cords or Ethernet cables and can be an essential tool for homes or offices with more than one or two computers.

However, there are many different types of wireless cards, and before selecting one, it’s important to know about a few of the key differences that separate one card from the next.

One such difference is the letter designation that separates different types of desktop wireless cards. There are several types of wireless available. The most common are G, B, and N. The letters relate to the strength and speed of the signal. Wireless B is the slowest, while wireless N is the fastest. Depending on the strength of a home Internet connection, choosing Wireless B may result in a big drop in network performance for the computer using the wireless card. However, if your modem and your wireless router are not capable of faster speeds, buying a more expensive wireless card will be a waste of money. Check your wireless router before buying a desktop wireless card to see which designation that it supports. If you cannot find any information easily, you can contact the manufacturer of your router for tips.

Another way that wireless cards differ is the connection that they use to attach to a desktop computer. Many wireless cards are installed via PCI or other internal slots. You’ll need to have a free slot on your computer to install this type of wireless card and you’ll have to open the computer to successfully complete the installation. If you purchase one of these wireless cards, make sure to follow the instructions carefully. Ground yourself before touching any of the components of the computer. It’s very important that you avoid damaging the delicate electronics of your computer and grounding prevents such damage. You can easily ground yourself by touching the metal back of your computer before touching any of its internal electronics. The desktop wireless card should be carefully placed into the open slot and gently pushed into place; it’s a bad idea to force the card in, as this can cause it to break. Some desktop wireless cards will also have included driver disks. The driver is a small file that tellls the computer how to correctly use and operate the desktop wireless card, and this file will need to be installed via the included disk before you can use the computer to access the Internet. Always keep included software and drivers in a safe place.

A much easier solution is to purchase a USB desktop wireless adapter. USB adapters work through the Universal Serial Bus of a computer, which are small slots included in just about every manufactured computer made within the last decade. The USB port will provide sufficient power to operate the wireless adapter and you won’t sacrifice speed for choosing USB over PCI. However, you will use up one of your computer’s USB slots, which can be annoying if you regularly use a large number of computer peripherals and extras. Wireless USB adapters can also be more expensive than desktop wireless cards in some circumstances.

To get the best possible deal on a desktop wireless card, look online. Browse as many options as you can before purchasing and be sure to read the product description of each desktop wireless card fully. Remember that brand matters. While you should not worry about trying to find a wireless card that matches up perfectly with the brand of your wireless router, it’s best to buy from a company with a recognized history in networking. Your computer’s network connection is one of the most important aspects of your computing experience; if you buy a substandard wireless Internet card or if you choose one that isn’t right for your computer, you’ll become very frustrated by the sacrifice in connectivity. Take the time to choose a proper option and you’ll have better, faster connections and a more pleasant experience whenever you’re using the Internet, whether you’re using a home or an office desktop computer.

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