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Denver Travel Deals - Denver Travel Deals: How to Save Money on Denver Vacations

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A trip to Denver, Colorado offers the rare opportunity to visit a bustling cosmopolitan city while still offering spectacular views of the Rockies, but Denver travel deals can be tough to come by. The first thing to remember when planning any budget vacation is to consider the cheapest time to travel. The cheapest time to visit Denver is from November through March, especially when looking for the cheapest hotel accommodations. Don’t expect a huge drop in prices, however. Denver is a wildly popular skiing destination, so the “off-season” still receives a large amount of winter vacationers. Inclement weather is always a possibility during this time, but if snow falls on Denver, it usually doesn’t last very long. Expect to see the heaviest snowfall in March. Winter temperatures average around 48 degrees but may raise as high as 60 degrees. The most expensive time to travel to Denver is in July and August, which is the height of tourist season. In fact, many popular hotels are booked for the entirety of July and August.

When looking for Denver travel deals for hotel accommodations, try booking through airlines. A study by AOL Travel discovered that airlines have the lowest hotel fare four out of five times when compared to using discount travel websites or booking through the hotel directly. For those on an extreme budget, try the Hostel of the Rockies. The hostel offers beds (with morning coffee included) for as low as $17 a night. Hostel of the Rockies also hosts “Community Cookout” Saturdays, where guests can pay just $4.00 to partake in a grilled feast and mingle with other travelers.

Guests looking for something a little more private than a hostel will enjoy the Holiday Chalet, a bed-and-breakfast in a 19th century mansion. Rates are generally found for under $120 a night. A surprisingly full breakfast of fruits, homemade bread, quiches, pancakes, assorted cereals,waffles, juice and coffee is also included, offering travelers a great way to save money on food expenses.

For more ways to save on food costs, remember that Denver is the birthplace of the cheeseburger. Pay homage to the cheeseburger at cheaper joints like The Cherry Cricket, which was featured on the popular Travel Channel show “Man vs. Food.” The Cherry Cricket serves cheap hamburgers with an incredible variety of toppings that include herbed cream cheese, egg, green chile strips, and avocado. The restaurant also does take-out, so stop by after a long day of sightseeing and take some sandwiches back to the hotel.

Adults seeking to cut loose at a wallet-friendly bar will love McCormick’s Fish House and Bar at the Oxford Hotel, which offers great seafood as well as unbeatable happy hour food specials priced under $2.

For perhaps the most unique dining opportunity in Denver, eat at the SAME Cafe. “SAME” stands for “So All May Eat” and the cafe operates on a simple principle: Pay what you can afford to spend for your meal. If diners can’t afford to pay anything, the cafe allows them to work off their meal by doing dishes or other work. The cafe uses fresh and organic ingredients to create a varied, ever-changing menus.

For transportation Denver travel deals, consider opting out of the rental car and instead relying on Denver’s public transportation options. Denver’s bus system maintains a user-friendly website and a hotline where travelers can call and give a representative their location and intended destination. The representative will then inform travelers of the cheapest and quickest round-trip routes. Remember to bring exact change since Denver drivers are not equipped to make change for passengers. Denver’s other public transportation option is their light rail system, which also offers the same customer service phone line for traveler information.

For cheap sightseeing options, plan on visiting the Colorado State Capital Building, which offers free tours. For an educational stop, try the Denver Museum of Nature and Science or the Denver Zoo. Ticket prices for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science range from $11 – 18 and while the Denver Zoo’s ticket prices fluctuate by season, admission prices are always under $13.

With a little legwork and research, there’s no reason travelers can’t find some terrific Denver travel deals.

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