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Car Shipping International - International Shipping for Your Car

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If you are relocating elsewhere in the world, whether for business or personal reasons, on a permanent basis or for a short time, it may well be that you’ll need to take advantage of the services of a company that provides international car shipping. You may want to keep your car, and not sell it. You may not want to buy a new or used car in the country to which you’re going. You may not have the time or the inclination to shop for cars in a foreign country.

You may have already used national car shipping, staying within the borders of your country. But, you must realize that international car shipping is very different — not only is it overseas via boat rather than truck, there are also many more legal formalities to be followed to the letter, all of which can take much time and effort to fulfill. You’ll need the help of shipping experts to be found at the international car shipping companies.

Even if you’ve shipped internationally before, you may be behind the times. Experts at these companies can tell you the most recent changes in laws and regulations, the newest exemption clauses, and the latest differences in rules for shipping cars, motorcycles, trucks, or any other type of motor vehicle.

Find a company you can trust, which may not necessarily be the one that is the cheapest. The company should ship cars internationally both ways, into and out of your country. Be sure the company knows both temporary and permanent international car shipping procedures. Does the company have tables of the taxes and surcharges for the originating country and for the receiving country? Ask about the loading point, the delivery point, the delivery time, and the tracking system to be used to report status. Ask for references from other customers, and check those references.

Before you even start the process, you must check any restrictions in the arrival country on vehicle imports. Understand that country’s registration rules, and be ready to pay the appropriate vehicle taxes.

You will have three choices when it comes to international car shipping:
- Roll-On, Roll Off (RORO), where your car is driven directly into the cargo hold of the ship and fastened down
- Consolidation with three or four other cars in a high-cube container
- Exclusive container (your car is the only one in the container)

Be sure you have available all the correct paperwork for car ownership (such as titles and registration) in the originating country. If the car is still being paid for, be sure to have a notarized letter allowing the transport from the creditor who is providing the financing or leasing. If you are not the legal owner of the car, then be sure to have a notarized letter of authorization from the actual owner. Check with the Customs Departments of the originating country and of the receiving country to find out any additional documentation that may be needed.

Buy marine shipping insurance for the car from the receiving country, quite often not supplied by the international car shipping company.

Take care of any mechanical aspects of your car that may go wrong during the trip. Protect it from extreme temperatures by draining fluids that may freeze, and leave only the gas tank only half-full. Turn off the vehicle alarm, and anything else that might drain the battery. Check that the tires are properly inflated, and the brakes are working well. Remove everything removable in your car that might be of value. Include a set of extra keys with the car.

Set the time when your car will begin the international shipping process, and stick to that time. You can either drive your car to the international car shipping company or to the ship itself, to save some money, or you can have the company pick up your car.

Know exactly what the place of delivery is in the receiving country. Is it the port? The foreign offices of the international car shipping company? A totally different pick-up site? Your new address? Irregardless, be sure to specify who the person receiving the car will be, and that a valid ID must be checked before the car is driven off.

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