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Car Seat Strollers - Introduction to Car Seat Strollers

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Car seat strollers are combination travel systems that integrate three baby necessities – the stroller, the baby car seat and the car seat base — into a single product.

The car seat stroller travel system was designed so that a baby can be transferred from stroller to car seat and vice a versa with minimal disturbance. The baby is placed in the car seat, which in turn can be attached either to the car seat base or to the stroller.

Many car seat stroller products exist and finding the right one is not always that easy, especially for those using this travel system for the first time. Some products on the market are simply too cumbersome and heavy, which negates their usefulness. Look for lighter systems that are well under 40 pounds. Remember that you will have to add the baby’s weight to that of the car seat. Many larger systems that can weigh up to 40 pounds look very attractive but you may regret purchasing these products after feeling on much you will have to lift.

Most car seat strollers are also not made of the most durable materials so it is best to avoid purchasing used systems. Indeed car seats come with an expiration date as they are susceptible to deterioration over time. The strollers also wear down over time and, thus, one should avoid buying used strollers.

Test the stroller to make sure it is balanced and easy to maneuver. Many strollers are poorly engineered and can even become dangerous in certain situations. The stroller should feel stable and sturdy. Swivel wheels are the easiest to maneuver and larger wheels give more traction, which translates into less pushing. The higher-priced strollers even have air-pressure tires that help absorb bumps giving a smoother ride. Strollers generally have either one or two wheel braking systems.

Many of the best car seat strollers are sold independently and allow you to attach different car seats as the baby grows in size.

Some strollers come with handlebars that can be adjusted for length. The adjustable feature is great when the parents vary significantly in height, can also be useful in adjusting for body proportions making the stroller easier to push. Most strollers have either three or five-point harnesses. The three point harness goes around the waist and between the legs. The five point harness additionally goes around the shoulders and is safer since infants can often escape from the three point belt.

An example of a high quality car seat stroller is the Chicco Cortina Travel System. Comfortably lightweight, this stroller is sturdy and has all-wheel suspension for a smoother ride. The seat is fully reclining and has a five-point harness. The wheels are all swivel and lockable and the handlebars are adjustable with a one-handed operation option. The travel system also has a removable, washable seat; removable tray with cup-holders; a parent cup-holder and a storage basket.

A good place to find professional reviews on both car seats and strollers is ConsumerReports.org. Not only do they examine and analyze the products but they also crash test the car seats, and take the strollers for “test drives.” A number of internet sites also offer reviews of car seat strollers, and discussion forums provide an opportunity to discuss products with others who have experience with these travel systems.

Of course, one of the best sources of reliable information are the people you know and trust. Ask family, friends, co-workers and others in your network about their experience with car seat strollers and for their recommendations. Generally it is a good idea to stick with established companies that have built up a good reputation although newer companies may offer what appear like better deals. Check to see if the company guarantees its car seat strollers as this is a sign that the company has confidence in its products.

Many websites allow users to compare car seat strollers side-by-side listing both the available features and the pricing. A search on Google, Yahoo and Bing will return a large selection of these sites many of which also allow you to purchase travel systems online. Again, make sure the website is reputable before deciding on any purchases.

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