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Ge Replacement Parts - How to Find GE Replacement Parts

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One of the most popular brands in the market is GE, also known as General Electric. It is a household name that has been strong for many years and continues to provide households with great quality appliances for the entire home. From large appliances to small, to gadgets, GE has been making its mark all over America’s households and place of business. This is why GE replacement parts are one of the most sought replacement parts in the market.

In an economy where people are trying to save money and not be wasteful, many people are opting for fixing their appliances and using replacement parts when the cost of buying these would be less than buying a new appliance. GE replacement parts for large appliances are in demand, as these are the most expensive of all GE products for home use.

It is an advantage that GE products are very popular, as this means that replacement parts are easier to find and keeps the pricing lower. Many GE parts will fit other appliances as well, so if a source cannot be located for a certain brand, a GE alternative might be available.

To find available GE replacement parts an individual must have a part number. A part number will let the person find the correct part or any equivalent part for older models. Sometimes, companies do a crossover for part numbers to help people find parts easier if they have older models that parts are hard to find, but can be replaced with a comparable part from a later model. To locate part numbers, look at the piece itself or at the parts number in the users catalog, which usually comes with the appliance or product. If a catalog is not available and the part number cannot be determined easily, a person has many choices:

· Call GE customer service direct to request a catalog or information, or the location of the nearest dealer or repair place. Or contact them online.

· Look online for parts dealers that specialize in many brands or just GE brands.

· Call the service department of the distributor or place where the appliance was bought.

· If a warranty is in place, use it.

· Find cheap parts at online places such as eBay or Craigslist.

· Scout the neighborhood or online for a free appliance that the person can reuse the parts as replacement parts.

These are all choices to find GE replacement parts, depending on the budget of the individual. General Electric replacement parts should not be hard to find, as it is a popular brand. By having the information about the model number and year, the part number, and the serial number it will be easy to find the part online, see a diagram or picture of it – if it is not available – and even find part dealerships in the area. Many times catalogs can be bought online as well, for future reference on parts.

Some examples of websites that specialize in GE replacement parts and in other brands as well are:









These are just a few, but the internet is loaded with information and parts for General Electric appliances. http://www.geappliances.com/ is the GE website and has tons of information for the consumer on models, parts, and even a section where you can download an owner’s manual and installation instructions with only the model number handy. If a person does not have a model number handy, a link to help find the model number is available as well. In addition, a service and support tab contains all needed links and a way to contact General Electric via online or phone. GE appliances are good appliances and have been around for many decades. Proper use and following the recommendations of the manufacturer will ensure that an appliance lasts longer.

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