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Travel Insurance Medical Conditions - Travel Insurance is Available for People with Medical Conditions

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When the cost of a cruise or a vacation package exceeds the acceptable loss threshold for the person paying the bill, a travel insurance policy can be purchased to cover down payments, reservation fees, and airline ticket costs. Most reservations have cancellation policies that prevent full refunds so the traveler loses money in the event of illness or family emergency before leaving for the vacation destination. Traditional travel insurance policies have an automatic exclusion clause to exempt them from paying a claim for anyone with a pre-existing medical condition. To purchase travel insurance for someone who has a pre-existing medical condition: know the requirements, be aware of the classifications of medical condition status, and prepare proof that requirements were met if a claim is filed.

Travel insurance companies underwrite travelers to make money and do not intend to pay claims. Most travelers purchase a reasonably priced policy to cover the expenses associated with their travel reservations and never think about the process again until the next time travel reservations are made. Insurance rates are kept very low for all travelers by exempting everyone with medical conditions from the insured pool. For people who have one or more pre-existing medical conditions, travel insurance is either not an option or is so expensive that the risk of losing the travel costs is just absorbed. An extremely expensive trip might justify paying an exorbitant travel insurance premium to cover the pre-existing condition.

Specialty companies underwrite travel insurance policies for people who are deemed medically stable and able to travel within twenty four hours of the final trip payment. The traveler must be aware that the travel insurance company has only issued a conditional promise to pay and does not offer certain benefits with the travel insurance policy. Most companies require a six-month look back period to determine if medical stability has been achieved. Treatment for episodes of illness within this period will deem the traveler uninsurable. When the medical condition is managed, and no changes in condition are anticipated, the personal physician can issue a letter stating that the medical condition is stable. Some physicians will recommend that patients not travel at all, so the same letter that claims stability in the condition can also recommend that the patient not travel. An insurance company will not issue a policy to cover travel costs for anyone who has been told not to travel. The travel insurance policy must be purchased within twenty four hours of the final trip payment. The physician’s letter must also have the same date.

If the trip is cancelled due to the pre-existing medical condition and special coverage was purchased, proof that all the steps were followed will be required. The insurance company is going to demand proof that the date the policy was placed in force is equivalent to the date on the letter from the physician. Any standard insurance company would just deny the claim, but when the pre-existing medical condition was part of the agreement, most claims will be paid. If any other situation caused cancellation of the trip, a letter from the personal physician stating that the medical condition has not changed will prevent issues with the insurance company. Snowstorms that strand travelers and prevent them from boarding a cruise ship are valid reasons to make a claim against the travel insurance policy. The medical condition has nothing to do with nature’s barriers to travel in this example.

When seeking an insurance company that underwrites travel insurance for people with medical conditions, compare rates and coverage. The cheapest premium can also be an indicator of a scam. Most rates for luxury policies will be comparable, and the final decision will be associated with coverage and company reputation. Read every possible review concerning claim payment success. One bad review is not an indication, but more negative reviews than positive ones will indicate that another company might provide better coverage. Stress can cause medical conditions to flare up, so remember to get rest and stay within the routine to ensure that health is maintained, and the trip is possible. Make doctor appointments well in advance to have the right date placed on the letter stating that the traveler is healthy and ready to go.

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