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Christmas Card Greeting - Send Your Greetings with Christmas Cards

types of christmas greeting cards

The holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve stirs people’s hearts and gives them pause to think about those they love and remember fondly. It’s the perfect time to send a Christmas card greeting.

One of the long-established traditions of the season, a Christmas card is exchanged before Christmas day. They express an assortment of sentiments that include religious expressions and biblical verses to a broader, non-religious outlook.

The content often relates directly to the Christian account of Christmas with illustrations of the Nativity of Jesus or symbols like the Star of Bethlehem or a white dove that denotes both the Holy Spirit and Peace. You’ll find specific greetings that correlate with the Christian theme, like “May the Christ child, born this day, bless you.”

You’ll find a large selection of commercially made Christmas cards that send a secular greeting, such as “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings.” The graphics on the front show many traditions like Santa Clause, candles, holly, ornaments, and people shopping or partying. There will be aspects of winter like snow and wildlife. Other popular themes are Victorian shoppers and humorous cards with cartoon-like depictions of snowmen and Santa finding themselves in unusual predicaments.

Standard Christmas greeting cards are printed on high-quality card stock, folded in half, with a decorative design or picture on the front and a printed message on the inside, and come with envelops.

Types of Christmas Greeting Cards

• Commercial Christmas cards – Businesses use these as a way to garner goodwill, promote their brand, and reinforce the business relationship. They are always secular and don’t sell a product. A good place to get business cards is at Gallery Collection.com
• Charity Christmas cards – Organizations create unique Christmas cards to use as a fundraising tool.
• Home-made cards – Whether out of monetary necessity or as an artistic endeavor, many people have turned to creating their own Christmas cards. With the increased interest in scrapbooking, people are now able to use a selection of tools for stamping, punching, cutting, and gluing in order to craft beautiful, heartfelt cards that rival many commercial cards. These are well-received as they are more personal than those purchased in a store.
• Digitally produced Christmas cards – In this age of digital technology, people can design and print their own cards on their computer at home. They can use their own photos, graphics, clip art, and typeface. There are a myriad of places on the internet where you can design your own cards. A couple of the top sites are: Microsoft Office Card creator, and http://mycardmaker.com/
/> • Christmas letters – This gives people the opportunity to write one, general letter that will help family and friends who are hardly ever seen or spoken with throughout the year to catch up on what’s been going on in your life.
• Photo Greeting Cards – There are two types: photos inserted into a standard card that will show through a window cut on the front of the card, and photos that are printed directly on the face of the card. You can create your own photo cards online at
/> • Musical Greeting Cards – These play music or sounds when opened. They are usually preprogrammed, but the ability to record your own greeting has also become popular in recent years.
• Electronic Greeting Cards – also called E-cards. Greeting can be sent electronically by e-mail. You are now able to send greetings to a mobile phone via text message. One of the best places to get free e-cards to send your Christmas greetings is from Blue Mountain.com.
• Personalized Greeting Cards – Some websites use technology to allow customers to personalize a card with your name and short, personal greetings.
• Postcards- These single-sided cards function in the same way as a greeting card, but don’t require an envelope and cost less to send through the mail than regular cards. At eHow.com, you’ll learn how to create your own postcards.

Hallmark Cards and American Greetings are the largest producers of greeting cards in the world, so you’ll always be able to find your Christmas card greeting needs from them either in the stores or online.

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