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Charleston South Carolina Homes - What is the Appeal of Charleston, South Carolina Homes?

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Charleston, South Carolina homes are very popular for a variety of reasons. One reason is that people who have lived in the larger cities to pursue their careers find Charleston to be the perfect charming little town to move to and get away from all of the stresses and annoyances that can come from life in the big city. Another reason is that the Charleston area just offers a higher standard of living and more natural beauty that many of the United States’ larger cities. However, the biggest reason why Charleston, South Carolina homes are so much more popular than residences in other small towns and attractive areas of the country is probably that Charleston has such incredible old architecture on many of the areas houses. Charleston, South Carolina homes include more Federal, Georgia, Adamesque, Italianate, Greek Revival, and Victoria houses than any other place in the entire country. These beautiful architectural styles are on display in Charleston, South Carolina homes for blocks and blocks.

The most famous architecture that is exclusively Charleston appears in the homes that are situated in the lower peninsula of the city and south of the street of Broad. Rainbow Row, which is a strip of architecturally stunning homes along E. bay Street is world-renowned for the Georgian townhouses that were constructed in the ninetieth century. Rainbow Row features a wide variety of exteriors that are made from brick and from stucco that is painted with all sorts of different bright pastel colors. Doorways are arched. There are quoins and gambrel roofs. On the inside, these homes have great things like paneled wainscoting or architrave moldings. One of the signers of theConstitution of the United States, Charles Cotesworth, used to live on this street.

The mansions that tower over the waterfront on East Battery Street is called Battery Row. This is a famous area that represents the height of the visual splendor that defines this town. The homes that are located on Battery Row were all built between 1809 to 1920. These are the homes that show off the styles from Art Deco to the revival of the Italian Renaissance. These Roos that are supported by Tower of the Winds, pedimented pavilions, and Ionic columns are where people stood and watched Fort Sumter get fired on and the beginning of the Civil War.

By traveling further to the west, people can see the incredible architecture that is offered on Meeting and Church Streets. These streets are dominated by double and single houses from the colonial era. These single houses have amazing garbled roofs and make the most of being only as wide as one room by using a multiple story construction style. They have porches with full length columns that was originally intended to keep the house cooler. The double houses have big hallways that lead from the central entrance through the home.

One of the earliest examples of a single house that survived was the house of Colonel Robert Brewton. It dates all the way back to the year 1721. It is a brick building that is covered by a thick layer of stucco that was applied for ornamental purposes. Stucco is such a common architectural element in the Charlestown area because it helps to reduce water absorption from humidity and rain.

People who travel to King Street and the surrounding area are able to see even more of Charleston, South Carolina homes decorative historical architecture. The John Ashe House is one of the homes that is built in a gorgeous Italian villa architecture. There are bracketed cornices, arcades, and even round-headed windows. The top of the house has a cupola that is domed. There is a legend that says it used to be a lighthouse that would draw it’s heat from the rooms that sit below it.

It is no surprise that Charleston, South Carolina houses are so popular with people looking to find a nice place to settle down and enjoy their lives. While the stunning and charming architecture of the town is certainly an enormous draw, there are so many other reasons to make a home in Charleston. The low cost of living, the friendly residents, and the great location of this slow-moving town make Charleston the perfect place for anyone looking to live a simple and enjoyable life.

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