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High School Diploma Jobs - Jobs You Can Get With A High School Diploma

health care jobs jobs in the trades food industry service work childcare/education jobs

With the expense of a college education rising beyond the capacity of high school students and their families, many young men and women are forgoing college. For those with a high school diploma, jobs exist in many employment fields. Some of these jobs require the attainment of special certification; others provide on-the-job training. Most entry-level positions require nothing more than a high school diploma and an eagerness to learn new skills. Following is a list of jobs by category that those with diplomas are qualified for:

Health Care Jobs

Many important jobs in the health care field are performed by people with no more than a high school diploma.

-Personal Care Worker: This job entails assisting the elderly and disabled with daily living activities, such as cooking, cleaning, medication reminders and errands.
-Home Health Aide: This position involves what personal care work does, plus light medical work such as drug administration, taking and recording vitals, and bandage changing.
-Physical Therapy Aide: PT Aides set up the therapy room for individual clients’ needs, transport clients into and out of the room if needed, and have some clerical and cleaning responsibilities.
-Dietary Aide: In nursing homes and hospitals, dietary aides are responsible for learning patients’ dietary needs and incorporating them into menu planning. They also help serve meals and clean up after them.
-Personal Companion: Companions provide company and support to those who are ill.

Jobs in The Trades

Those who enjoy working with their hands and have a high school diploma may find gainful employment in one of the trades.

-Electrician: Enrolling in an apprenticeship program, which includes paid on-the-job training and classroom learning, will teach you the skills necessary to be an electrician.
-Automotive Technician: Taking a certification course in this field can give you an edge, but many shops offer entry-level positions and train their employees on-the-job.
-Construction Worker: Build things, and build them right! Most construction workers learn on-the-job.
-General Maintenance Worker/Repair Worker: This job entails knowing how to fix an array of problems,including electrical, plumbing and construction. Most learn through on-the-job experience while working under a seasoned professional. Certificate programs are available for those seeking an edge in the field.

Food Industry

A solid work ethic and a passion for food are requirements in the food industry. A high school diploma is often the only educational qualification.

-Dishwasher: Many prospective chefs pay their dues as dishwashers and work their way up the “food chain” to become chefs.
-Line Cook: A line cook is responsible for one section of the kitchen, and reports back to the head chef.
-Sous Chef: This chef works directly beneath the executive chef, and has some power over how the kitchen is run. The position requires experience and talent.
-Executive Chef: This position requires years of experience in the field and excellent cooking skills. The executive or head chef runs the kitchen, cooks and plans the menu.

Service Work

A job in the service industry requires a talent for working with people.

-Salesperson: Salespeople learn about specific products and sales approaches. Companies generally train on-the-job.
-Customer Service Representative: Representatives are middlemen between companies and customers. They are trained to answer questions and assist costumers by phone, email or in person. Some service reps also sell products.
Cashier: The last stop in a store for customers is the check-out line. If you like interacting with people and want to move up to a management position, a cashier job may be for you.

Childcare/Education Jobs

Many jobs in the education field require a high school diploma and the ability to work well with children.

-Daycare/After School Care: Create a fun, safe environment for children of many ages. Lead activities, play games and supervise children.
-Paraeducator/Teacher’s Aide: Some paraeducator jobs do not require their applicants to have any post-secondary education. Experience working with children, particularly those with special needs, is usually required. TAs and paraeducators offer individualized attention to students.
-Non-Profit Employee: Organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA hire those with high school diplomas to run programs, supervise and build relationships with youth in their communities.

Whatever your passion, there are many jobs for those with high school diplomas.

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