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Caribbean Travel Deals - Caribbean Travel Deals and Budget Tips

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The first thing to remember about Caribbean travel deals is that seasons play a big impact on pricing. The cheapest time to travel to the Caribbean is August through October. However, don’t forget that August, September, and October are also the worst part of hurricane season, which explains why prices are the cheapest. An autumn Caribbean vacation may easily be ruined by an especially fierce hurricane or tropical storm. Even if no hurricane blows through a vacation destination, a trip may still be hugely impacted by several days of rain. Consider buying travel insurance to protect against weather-related catastrophes. Another option is to travel in early to mid-November, when temperatures are still warm, prices are still relatively low, and hurricane season is just about over.

The worst time to travel cheaply to the Caribbean is January through March, when the continental United States is experiencing the coldest weather. The Caribbean temperatures are ideal for U.S. travelers looking for some warm weather and schools tend to have a lot of time off for winter or spring break. Thus, travel to Caribbean increases greatly and prices rise. Determined to go to the Caribbean during this time? Try to plan a trip for a week or two after New Year’s; the aftermath of the holiday season generally causes a lull in traffic.

Another great way to find Caribbean travel deals is to look for an affordable all-inclusive hotel. All meals are included on the property, so travelers can save money on transportation as well as meals. Most Caribbean hotels also offer unlimited alcoholic drinks in their all-inclusive packages, unlike all-inclusive packages on cruise lines. Entertainment and daytime activities are also usually included with all-inclusive Caribbean travel packages, so guests won’t have to spend more money on admission costs or other entertainment expenses.

For guests opting out of an all-inclusive deal, the easiest way to cut costs and experience local culture is to eat locally. Though touristy restaurants may offer glitz and glam, fancy restaurants can be found back home. Head to a locally owned cafe or ask some residents what their favorite bar is. Chances are, these locally owned restaurants will stick to fresh ingredients found in the Caribbean as well as traditional dishes. Not only will travelers get to experience a truer sense of local culture, but the dishes will be much cheaper than anywhere else. Be sure to ask hotel concierge staff where the best locations are to avoid eateries with questionable reputations.

Would-be travelers without a passport will find solace in locations like Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These locations save on costly passport fees, yet both still provide the beautiful beaches and island lifestyle that the Caribbean is known for. For those looking for travel deals in Puerto Rico, look for locations out of San Juan or Ponce. The island is small and easily navigable for day trips.

Hunting for Caribbean travel deals for a large group of friends? Consider renting out a condo or townhouse. The in-house kitchen will severely cut costs compared to constantly dining out. Oftentimes Caribbean locations have fresh markets where local ingredients are sold at much lower prices than stores or supermarkets. Everyone can take turns cooking. Remember, more people participating means more people to split a rental cost with.

To cut costs even further, utilize public transportation as much as possible to avoid pricey rental cars. On the other hand, flying into a less major airport and using a cheap rental car to reach a final destination could also result in huge savings. The more airlines flying into a given Caribbean location, the cheaper tickets are likely to be. Airfare to an extremely remote island may be unfeasible on a tight budget.

Remember that no budget trip is possible without some research. Price the average cost of Caribbean trips before booking to ensure the best possible travel deal. This often means watching airfare prices for several weeks before committing to purchase. Don’t be sucked into pricey tourist attractions; instead, research the local government’s offerings like natural parks and museums. It’s a great (and often free) way to see the natural beauty and history of the Caribbean without paying an inflated price.

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