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Mens Gold Watches - How To Choose The Best Mens Gold Watches

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Trendy men love watches, no matter what part of the world they happen to be in at the moment. A consistent favorite among the fashionably inclined are mens gold watches. Great for accessorizing everything from business suits to casual wear, every man needs a gold watch to create the style and color combinations to complete every ensemble in their wardrobe, and still get them where they need to be on time. Mens gold watches often have clever additions that not only help men look and feel great, but make the daily grind simpler as well as more enjoyable. You can choose from a wide range of brands that put an emphasis on form, function or both. Here are a few tips to guide you as you shop online for a gold watch.

1. A Watch Must Accessorize The Ensemble As Well As Showcase The Wearer’s Individuality.

Start off by asking yourself this question: How will they use the watch? If the answer is to make a professional impression, a great choice might be a luxury chronograph gold watch. If wishing to project an image of high fashion during a special occasion, a better choice may be a dress watch made with rose gold. Rose gold is becoming more common in designer watches and impresses with a demurring and inconspicuous confidence. Seek advice from their friends and family to discover whether the individual prefers a particular watch style or manufacturer.

2. Start With The Watchcase – The Heart Of The Watch

Watchcases, which house the timepiece that contains the internal movement, are the heart of the watch. The type, density, and shape of the watchcase determine the overall style the piece projects. Among gold watches, the most widespread type of gold in use right now is yellow gold. When researching gold watches, take notice of the gold purity content shown in karats. One karat shows that it contains 1/24 pure gold, meaning a 24 karat gold watch is pure gold.

Watchcases come in a few shapes and sizes: round, square, and rectangular. Round watches own the largest part of the market and even though they have been around for hundreds of years are still trendy. Sport watches have a circular design that enables their ability to resist water damage. Fashion watches often incorporate a square as it provides more area for decoration. Dress watches use a rectangular shape which enables them to slide beneath a sleeve.

3. Consider More Than the Time – Function Over Form

Any watch can tell you what time it is, but what sets a luxurious gold watch apart from the others are craftsmanship and design. The skill of fine watch creation is known as horology. Among those who have a passion for watches, what distinguishes a watch as high-quality are the interior mechanics. Manual-wind or automatic mechanical movements are two factors that determine quality and value. Luxury watches often have a mechanical movement that demonstrates the expertise of the watchmaker in a way that a quartz movement cannot. However, the precision of a quartz movement cannot be equaled by a mechanical movement, and you will discover many luxury mens gold watches that use them. Watchmakers often integrate “complications,” which are a function that provides anything other than the basic keeping of time. One of the most popular complications is the chronograph, a sport watch that includes a stop-watch function. They usually have a few mini-dials that measure minutes or hours, but can also provide many other functions like keeping a separate time or even determining the distance one travels. Complications can raise the value of a watch dramatically and are often representative of the talent, expertise, and reputation of watchmakers.

Whichever design, style, and brand you choose, your choice will offer an aesthetic quality to the wearer that will outlast the current fashion fads and provide a lifetime of value and prestige. In fact, many people hand high-quality watches down through generations and become family heirlooms. So whether you are thinking about buying a gold watch for yourself, for a loved one, or for a deserving friend, take heart in the idea that your decision will provide pleasure now, and to friends and family yet unknown.

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almost 4 years ago

I really love how you show that a watch is more then just a function but that the quality and fashion of the watch is important, sometimes as much as the actual function.