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Myrtle Beach Nc - Where Is Myrtle Beach NC?

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A lot of people get confused with the actual location of Myrtle Beach. It’s amazing how many people refer to it as Myrtle Beach NC. Don’t worry; if this pertains to you, it doesn’t make you a bad person. Myrtle Beach is on the coast, and North Carolina is known for its coastal cities and towns like Wilmington and the Outer Banks. Myrtle Beach is actually in South Carolina. There is no such place as Myrtle Beach NC. But, if referring to it as Myrtle Beach NC makes you happy, go ahead and do it. That’s what’s so great about freedom of speech.

Regardless of whether people refer to it as Myrtle Beach South Carolina or Myrtle Beach North Carolina, it’s a place that anyone would enjoy visiting. That said, it’s important to stay in the right area. This doesn’t mean there are good and bad areas. However, it does mean that there are action-packed and laidback areas. It would be a shame to waste a vacation by staying in the opposite atmosphere of what is preferred.

Downtown Myrtle Beach is where the action is. This is an excellent location for young people looking to have a good time. It’s a little noisy, but socializing is extremely easy. And since this is the south, everyone is pretty laid back. It’s common to find people sitting in lawn chairs outside their hotels and drinking a few beers. If you say hello to one of these people, they will likely offer up a beer so they can get to know you. The beaches here are relatively crowded. They’re not crowded like Miami beaches, but they’re crowded compared to the beaches in North Myrtle Beach. Despite the crowds, the beaches are kept very clean. Another advantage to staying in downtown Myrtle Beach is that the hotels and motels are much cheaper than the hotels and motels in North Myrtle Beach. On top of that, most of the attractions in Myrtle Beach are in this area. This includes Boardwalk at the Beach, the aquarium, the mall, and more. The only significant attraction-heavy spot in North Myrtle Beach is Barefoot Landing, which is home to retired golfer Greg Norman’s restaurant, high-end shops, and Alligator Adventure. Downtown isn’t only great for young adults, but families as well. Almost every hotel has a pool, and some even have a water slide. All the restaurants in this area are also casual. It’s okay to walk into a restaurant with a swimsuit and sandals on. This is normal attire – even for dinner.

North Myrtle Beach is a much different area. The interesting thing about North Myrtle Beach is that some people don’t even know it exists. They think Myrtle Beach only pertains to the Myrtle Beach described above. Perhaps these are the same people who refer to it as Myrtle Beach NC. Who knows? That remains a mystery. What isn’t a mystery is that North Myrtle Beach has a resort area called Kingston Plantation. This enormous property is a gated area with several miles of beaches. It’s also home to seven hotels, including a Hilton and an Embassy Suites. The Hilton is the highest-end hotel in Kingston Plantation, as well as the most secluded. The coolest thing here is that the ocean and one of their swimming pools connect. This is quite a sight. Another one of their pools has its own beach, similar to the beaches you can find at some Las Vegas hotels.

The Hilton is great for those who want seclusion, but the Embassy Suites is the best choice for those who want the ideal location. This hotel is almost in the center of Kingston Plantation. More importantly, there is a water park right outside the doors of this hotel. With the beach, two other pools, a performance stage, and a snack shack all in one area, there is little reason to stay anywhere else. The Embassy Suites in Kingston Plantation also has an Omaha Steaks restaurant. Dining at Omaha Steaks is nice, but since the rooms here have balconies, consider ordering room service and eating outside as the sun sets.

Now you know more about Myrtle Beach NC. Just kidding. That’s Myrtle Beach South Carolina!

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