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Make Greeting Card - How to Make Your Own Personal Greeting Card

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Sometimes it’s just not possible to say exactly what you want to with a greeting card purchased from a store. When your message needs to be specific and personal, you can make your own greeting card. If you own a computer and a color printer, then you can make it look professional, and the recipient won’t even be able to discern that you made it in your own home.

Before you begin, you will need to purchase card stock paper. You can buy special greeting card paper if you find it, but regular card stock will do just fine. It is sturdier than both regular copy paper and photo paper, and it will feel like a greeting card when held in your hand. Purchase a small number of sheets if possible, because some printers cannot pass card stock paper. You will need to test your printer to see if it can handle the thickness.

Work up a template on your computer that will fit the size and proportions of the card stock sheet. Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and QuarkXpress are ideal to use for this, but you could also use any program that allows you to format a page and incorporate images. Draw some boxes on the screen that you think will fit the front and back pages, and print out your template on a regular sheet of copy paper to see if it fits. You will most likely need to adjust the placement of images to fit centered on the page. When it appears you have it all in place, fold the card in the center, making sure the edges are precisely even.

Once you have the proportional placement figured out, then you are ready to begin. Remember that you are printing on an open card sheet that will ultimately be folded, so when designing your greeting card, the left of the page will be the back of the card, and the right side of the page will be the front of the card. If you decide to include images or text inside the card rather than writing in it with a pen, then the back side of the front of the card will be the left and the back side of the back of the card will be the right. This may sound confusing, but doodling it out onto a scrap sheet will show you how it needs to be arranged. Also, you will need to print a test sheet with the words “front” and “back” typed on it to determine which way you need to insert the sheet of paper into the printer for printing on the other side. Different printers roll paper from different directions, so this is a necessary test.

Perhaps you want to include a photograph on the front of your card. Maybe you wish to use cartoons or clip art. Many websites exist that offer free clip art. Perhaps you wish to design the artwork yourself directly onto the page. The possibilities are plentiful.

When choosing a font for the text, make sure that it matches the mood of the greeting card. Serious cards often use script text with curls at the ends of letters and a slant. Some formal cards use stately fonts with upper and lowercase capitals. Playful or humorous cards need a font that looks fun and is loosely defined. Experiment with many different fonts that are available on your computer, and you will be able to determine by looking which is appropriate for your message. Choose a font color that matches or complements the artwork on the card. Be sure when typing the words that you leave space at the bottom of the right inside page for your signature or handwritten greeting.

To maintain a professional look, at the bottom center of the back side of the card, you could make your own logo. Think of what you would name your greeting card company and choose clip art and fonts to match. You could even include a copyright symbol with the year beside it if you wish.

When you make a greeting card, you express exactly what you wish. The recipient will appreciate the effort and the personal touch portrayed.

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