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Husky Cargo Liner - Husky Cargo Liners Protect Your Vehicle Investment

truck cab bed suv

Husky cargo liners are an excellent choice to protect your truck, SUV or van investment. You bought your truck for a reason and it wasn’t cheap. You may have purchased a truck for your business, because you need to haul heavy or outsize equipment and supplies to complete your work. You may have bought your truck to transport your jet skis or quads for recreation. You might own an SUV to go off-roading or just to haul your (big or numerous) family pets around. You may use your truck to go hunting or simply to drive around town and occasionally help your friends move. Whatever the reason you own a truck or SUV, you want to protect your investment as much as possible. To do this, one of the most popular and economical choices around is truck bed liners from Husky. Car floor liners and trunk liners are also available.

A bed liner will protect your truck’s paint job from being damaged by all you carry in it. It may even prevent minor dents. Cab floor liners are also available to preserve the interior of the hard-working vehicle as well. You’ll have much less worry about the mud or muck on your shoes with floorboard liners that fit your make and model perfectly. And the liner material is much easier to care for and clean (just hose it out) than your interior carpeting. Just get in the cab with your muddy or wet boots and you can quickly hose it out later.

Husky is a big name in truck cab liners, bed liners and car trunk liners because they make tough, functional products that also look good. The prices are reasonable and most trucks will be able to find a custom size made to fit their vehicle. Husky has been around a long time (making custom liners since 1988) and has built up market share and brand recognition as you might expect. Husky is part of Winfield Consumer Products, located in Winfield, Kansas, 40 miles from Wichita. The company also makes WeatherBeater liners.

There are plenty of reviews listing the virtues of these useful cargo bed liners. There are of course negative reviews as well but they’re a small percentage of all the opinion out there. A few consumers complained about fit on certain car or truck models and several mentioned the liner being lighter-weight than expected. To prevent any such disappointment, shop in person so that you can clearly see and feel the weight for yourself. Be sure to buy from a retailer with a good return policy in case you have a problem. On the whole however, Husky liners are pretty universally liked and heavily used by truck owners in all walks of life. The more you do with your truck and the more it does for you – the more you need well-made bed and cab liners. Husky is known to be one of the best to go with.

Husky’s cargo liners are made from extremely durable polyethylene or thermoplastic rubber available in tan, gray or black. Customized liners are offered for a variety of applications and many different truck sizes and models. In order to completely protect the cargo or cab floor area of your truck, the mats and liners are designed with raised edges to keep spills and dirt contained. The underside of each liner is covered with patented nibs that keep the liner securely in place. The rubber surface is mildew resistant with a rough texture that provides traction as you climb in and out and helps hold cargo in place while the truck is in motion. The liner’s surface is resistant to chemicals like battery acid and gasoline as well.

Picking up some Husky truck bed and cab liners is an excellent way to keep your truck looking good with a minimum of effort. Think of all the paint touch-ups and mud-scraping you won’t need to spend time doing. The liners are relatively easy to install and guaranteed not to crack or break for the life of the car for the original purchaser.

You’ve invested so much in your SUV or truck, you depend on it and you’d like to keep it looking good. Why not protect your investment (and your truck’s resale value) with a Husky liner? It’s well worth the relatively few bucks you will lay out. Cargo liners allow you to use your truck or SUV the way you intended, without worry about damaging the vehicle or dealing with a messy cleanup. You’ll save time, trouble and money in the long run with Husky liners.

Other major brands include WeatherTech and Nifty.

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