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Life Insurance Direct - Explore Life Insurance Direct for a Good Long-term Investment

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With a few minutes of research, you will be convinced that life insurance direct is one of the best long-term investments you can make for personal peace of mind and stability. Among the best of today’s reputable insurance agencies and brokerages, there is a popular trend toward offering high quality life insurance coverage in a simplified, streamlined manner and form. When you purchase direct life insurance from well-informed and experienced licensed agents and brokers at these companies, you will reap the benefits of personalized service and full life insurance product information, as well as excellent value for your money and peace of mind.

With life insurance direct, you will be provided with the reassurance of many valuable advantages as a policyholder, such as:

• Excellent value and coverage – At very reasonable rates, you will acquire excellent insurance protection and benefits.

• Streamlined, timely services – Licensed agents complete insurance applications and other paper work for you, arranging necessary medical exams to suit your schedule, free of cost to you. In addition, you can always reach agents by toll-free phone service.

• Comprehensive information – Dealing with only the highest quality insurance companies, direct life insurance companies will offer you comprehensive information about competitive rates and coverage before you make a decision about buying a life insurance policy, or if you desire to make a change from your current insurance carrier.

• Professional service in relaxed atmosphere – Agents knowledgeable in all aspects of life insurance direct always offer complete, professional services with consideration for each client. In a relaxed and reassuring manner, they will guide you to making the right life insurance coverage decisions for you, your family and loved ones, free of any pressure or stress.

When purchasing direct life insurance, you may find it possible to obtain a life insurance policy from the same agent or broker who provided you with your current property and liability insurance coverage. While you may not be aware that some qualified, licensed agents are prepared to handle life insurance policies as well as policies as diverse as those insuring your car, home or business – many agents are. This often inspires confidence in potential life insurance policy buyers, as well as making the individual’s efforts toward acquiring and maintaining overall good insurance protection quite simple and convenient. When you consult a direct life insurance agent before purchasing your first insurance policy, or when enhancing and expanding different types of coverage, you receive the very best comprehensive advice and excellent policy maintenance and protection.

Although, in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, you can purchase insurance directly from either an insurance company or financial advisor at no initial fee (often called a “no load” or “low load” policy), charges for application processing and other service fees will undoubtedly be included in your monthly premium costs. And, locating an insurance company that will offer you a no-load life insurance policy often is not simple or easy.

As all competent direct life insurance agents will inform you, the two major types of life insurance available are Term and Whole Life (also referred to as Permanent Life insurance). In 2003, nearly 6.4 million individual Term life insurance policies were purchased in the US, while approximately 7.1 million Whole life were bought.

Under Term life insurance coverage, payments are issued to the policy beneficiary only if death of the insured occurs during the policy’s term, which is normally from one to thirty years. Your direct life insurance broker will also explain the two primary types of Term life insurance policies: Level Term and Decreasing Term. Under Level Term coverage, the death benefit remains the same throughout the life of the life insurance policy. With Decreasing Term protection, the death benefit lowers over time, often in one-year increments throughout the term of the policy.

Your direct life insurance agent will also provide you with up-to-date information concerning Whole Life or Permanent policy coverage. This type of life insurance policy pays a full death benefit whenever the insured person dies. Its three major types are Traditional Whole Life, Universal Life, and Variable Universal Life coverage. Under Traditional Whole Life protection, both death benefit and premium payment are structured to remain stable throughout the duration of the policy. The insurance brokerage charges a premium which is greater than the amount needed for any claims, investing the amount in excess, in order to supplement the premium throughout the life of the life insurance policy, thus keeping the premium level. When such overpayments reach a certain point, they become available to the life insurance policyholder as cash value.

In the 1970s and 1980s, life insurance companies announced two varieties of Whole Life policies – Universal and Variable Universal. With Universal life insurance protection, all cash value accrued is credited, each month, with interest. Under Variable Universal coverage, cash value is built and can then be invested in a wide range of separate accounts, very much like mutual funds, according to the choices of the life insurance policyholder.

All qualified, licensed life insurance direct agents and brokers will tell you, as the client and potential policyholder, that the six primary reasons given for purchasing life insurance are:

(1) Paying final funeral, burial and estate costs;

(2) Creating an inheritance for heirs;

(3) Paying federal and state “death taxes;”

(4) Replacing income the insured has provided for family and others;

(5) Making charitable contributions; and

(6) Creating a source of savings.

However, if you have other reasons for considering buying a life insurance policy, make them known to your life insurance direct agent or broker, and he or she will, without doubt, give you the best professional and comprehensive advice you need to make an excellent decision when choosing the right life insurance coverage to meet your desires and needs.

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