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St Maarten Car Rental - On St. Maarten Car Rental is Required

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No visit to the independent Caribbean island countries of St. Maarten (Sint Maarten) and St. Martin can be complete without a tour of the Entire Island and enjoyment of all of its attractions and activities. However, to accomplish this you will need to rent a car from a St. Maarten car rental agency. All the major car rental franchises have facilities at St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana Airport or St. Maarten’s seaport. However, many fine local St. Maarten car rental companies can provide rental less expensively and provide reservations to meet your flight at the Princess Juliana Airport or for your cruise ship’s arrival in Philipsburg.
Spending a fortune on a St. Maarten car rental is wasteful. You can find an economical rental car without compromising comfort and safety a reliable compact car that offers four doors, automatic transmission, and air conditioning. These Japanese or Korean compacts, although not known in the US, are very popular in Europe and ideal for the islands roads.
These vehicles can accommodate most groups of four adults or small families. If you feel you need a larger vehicle an intermediate model, such as the Hyundai Elantra, will be about 20% more expensive. All St. Maarten car rental companies offer packages involving airfares, cruise coordination, and St. Maarten/St Martin accommodations. These special offers change often so contact a St Maarten car rental company well in advance of your trip.
When in possession of a comfortable, affordable St. Maarten car rental it is time to explore this beautiful island. St. Maarten (Sint Maarten) is the southern “Dutch” half of the island and the island’s center for tourism and business. The main towns of St. Maarten include Philipsburg, Oyster Pond, and Simpson Bay (Airport). The town of Philipsburg, St. Maarten’s capital, attracts visitors with duty-free shopping, quality dining, beach, bars, an active nightlife, and casinos.
St. Martin, the northern and larger but less populous portion of the island is a “collectivité” of France and part of the EU and considered the quieter and more “refined” destination. St. Marten exudes a sense of French “laissez-faire” with sophisticated resorts, private villas, and the perfect mix of European and Caribbean lifestyles and cultures. The main towns are Anse Marcel, Grand Case, Marigot, Nettle Bay, and Orient Bay.
One possible sightseeing tour begins in Philipsburg, easily reached by car from the airport by following the main road that follows the islands southern Caribbean shore. In addition, Philipsburg is where the cruise ships dock and offers St. Maarten car rental service.
On Philipsburg’s Front St. and Back St., you can find just about anything and Wathey Square caters especially to cruise ship arrivals. At the end of Front St., you will find a small museum that traces the island’s history and the beginning of a short walk to the 1800s Fort Willem on a hilltop with a panoramic view of the neighboring islands.
Following the scenic route to French St. Martin, you will head southeast from Philipsburg and Great Bay with a side trip south and back to Pointe Blanche for its splendid views. As the route heads north there is a side road to Guano Bay that is well worth the drive that ends on a quiet family beach. Then, continuing north on the main road take another side trip and follow a winding road to the once quiet Dawn Beach that has lost its original charm before the huge condominium and hotel developments but still provides a magnificent view of neighboring St. Barth.
Continuing north brings you to Oyster Pond that is located just before the invisible border with French St. Martin. Oyster Pond provides perhaps the most popular beach on the island. There are water sport activities, umbrellas, loungers, bars, and restaurants suiting any taste and budget.
Further north is Orient Beach known for its luxury hotels but noted primarily for its naturists resort clubs where portions of beach require no attire. From Orient Beach, the main road leads to Grand Case a one road village with bars, restaurants, boutiques, galleries, charming hotels, and the memorable “Lolos” or small open-air eateries where one can sample local French-Caribbean cuisine.
Next stop continuing westwards is Marigot Bay where, in the 18th century, King Louis XVI built Fort St. Louis overlooking Marigot Bay. Today this still charming town is the capitol of St. Martin.

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