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George Foreman Outdoor Grill - Healthy Eating with the George Foreman Outdoor Grill

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Just about everyone loves the George Foreman grills. They cook foods in a healthy way, eliminating a lot of the fat that adds extra calories to foods. The George Foreman grills are easy to use and to clean, and the outdoor grills are a great way to cook foods quickly and easily.

History of George Foreman Grills

In 1994 the Salton Company wanted to capture a market for their Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. Entering into a relationship with George Foreman, the ex-heavyweight boxing champion, and re-branding the grill The George Foreman Grill made history. In 2007 Applica bought Salton and the George Foreman brand, and they continue to capture the market with the fat-reducing grills, blenders, and broilers. There have been over 100 million grills sold, and people still are attracted to the healthy way of cooking with the George Foreman grills.

George Foreman Outdoor Grills

There are a couple models of the George Foreman outdoor grills. They all have basic features in common. They are great for people who do not have a lot of backyard space because they are compact in design. Even people living in apartments who are not allowed to have gas or charcoal grills can use the George Foreman outdoor grills. They are convenient because they do not use charcoal or gas, so are very easy to get started. There is no worry about fires or sparks.

The George Foreman outdoor grills are easy to use and clean. The grills are efficient, cook flavorful, healthy foods, and do not cost a lot of money. Assembly is simple and spare parts are readily available. Plus, they are attractive looking.

George Foreman Outdoor Grill GGR201RCDS

This is a great electric grill that is rectangular in shape so will fit easily into a corner for storage. This grill is very versatile in that it can also be used indoors with the use of a kitchen fan. The George Foreman outdoor grill has a large cooking area of 200 inches. This will allow the cook to put enough food on the grill to serve the whole family. Anything from burgers, chicken, steaks, vegetables, and even corn on the cob can be cooked on the grill.

Clean up is a snap because the grill has a non-stick surface. Like all the George Foreman grills, fat will drain away from the food into the grease tray. The temperature of the grill can be adjusted since it is an electric grill.
The outdoor grill comes with a stand, but the stand can be removed for grilling indoors.

George Foreman Outdoor Grill GGR50B

Another great George Foreman outdoor grill is the electric grill with 240 square inches of cooking space. There is a center channel where the fat drains away from the food. The grill has a steam adjustment on the lid, temperature controls, handles that remain cool to the touch, and the standard non-stick cooking surface. This grill takes five minutes to heat, so is great for the working person who wants to get a healthy, nutritious dinner on the table in a short amount of time. The grill is quick, requires no preparation work, and cleans up easily.

This George Foreman outdoor grill also comes with a pedestal that can be removed for indoor table-top cooking. Great grilled taste in the middle of winter is made easy with the George Foreman outdoor grill.

Healthy Benefits of George Foreman Outdoor Grills

What has made the George Foreman grills so popular is the healthiness of the food cooked on the grill. Because the food does not sit in grease while cooking, it maintains good taste without adding fat. Grilled foods taste like food, without the carcinogenic potential of charcoal cooking. Vegetables taste crisp and flavorful, unlike vegetables cooked in water the leaches the taste. Foods can be flavored with seasonings instead of fat.

More people are becoming aware of benefits of eating healthy foods, and the George Foreman outdoor grills allow for the best of healthy eating. Using fresh vegetables when cooking will heighten anyone’s eating experience, even picky eaters like children.

The George Foreman outdoor grills are extremely economical. For under a couple hundred dollars anyone can have a good looking outdoor grill and start to barbeque great tasting food all year around.

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