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Masters Project Management - Job Opportunities for Someone with a Masters in Project Management

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For those who have acquired a masters degree in project management, the transition from education to the working world can be rather scary. In today’s economic climate, finding a job is more difficult than ever, and finding the right job can be a major feat in and of itself. Fortunately, a masters degree in project management offers some rather estimable credentials, which can be a major factor in obtaining a good job. The following positions are perfect for anyone with a degree in project management, and can lead the right person towards a healthy, prosperous career.

Marketing Project Management

Anyone who is interested in marketing and advertising will be happy to know that there are plenty of positions within the industry that require someone with good project management skills. Perhaps the most sought after position in marketing is the account or project manager. In general, account managers are given one or more clients, in which they serve as the communication between the client and agency. While project management in marketing and advertising can be very stressful, positions tend to pay very well. For those who don’t mind the hustle and bustle, becoming a marketing account manager is a great way to utilize a masters degree in project management.

Retail Project Management

Retail remains one of the largest industries in the world, which is great news for the potential job seeker. Like marketing, project management in a retail environment is all about recognizing trends of what is working and what is not, and adjusting accordingly. A retail project manager’s primary goal is to increase sales, as well as to streamline other areas of the business such as employee productivity and promotion viability. Many people take jobs as consultants in retail project management, moving from business to business and attempting to repair any issues that may be causing the business to falter. Anyone who is looking for a fast-paced career involving project management skills should not discount retail.

Construction Project Management

In construction, project management is everything. After all, most construction firms have so many clients that if project management is not implemented in an ideal way, things could quickly fall apart. While construction project managers usually aren’t involved in the actual construction process, they mainly serve to direct the flow of projects, making sure that nothing overlaps in a way that would be problematic. Construction project managers make decisions regarding the construction of bridges, hospitals, homes and other structures, and often work with town planners on a regular basis. A career as a project manager in construction can be both rewarding and prosperous for the right person.

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