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Car Hire East Midlands - Car Hire East Midlands- Avoid Excess Fees When On Holiday Travel

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If you will be hiring a car when you are on holiday in East Midlands, UK, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your rental car expenses. Most UK car hire agencies attract travellers with cheap rates but also impose many other hidden fees in their services. If you are looking to save, consider the following:

Are You Picking The Car At The Airport?
Avoid going for a car hire East Midlands company that is based at the airport. While you may be tempted by the convenience of picking the car straight after you alight, you will pay higher fees for this. At the airport, you will have to pay airport concession tax and parking fees, all of which will escalate your rental car costs.

The best thing is to tale a taxi or mass transport from the airport to go pick up your car at a downtown location. Also, some hotels in East Midlands offer car hire services and you are likely to get a good rate from them if you will be using their facilities.

Two-Rental Solution
If you have to use the services of a car hire company in East Midlands that is located at the airport, you can reduce the airport concession fee by considering a two-rental solution. For example, you can reserve a car at the airport for one day and plan to drop it downtown the following day. Then, get a new rental package from the downtown location. You will only pay once for the airport concession tax and will enjoy lower charges for the rest of your package.

Check the Rental Time
Today, a number car hire East Midlands companies have started to offer half-day rental services. If you are on a business trip, this may be a good package for you especially if you have scheduled appointments that are within a specific time period.

On the other hand, check how varying the number of days will affect your total cost. Sometimes, increasing the number of days translates to lower daily costs and you may consider this even I you will not be using the car on some days. Varying your package by a few days to a week can significantly lower your cost.

Make Advance Reservations
You will enjoy significant savings when you book your car online. Most car hire East Midlands agencies offer regular discounts to online customers. Moreover, online booking is fast and more convenient.

Before you choose a company you want to rent a car from, compare the rates of 3 to 5 other companies in East Midlands. Look at the choice of vehicles available, prices, pick up and drop off points, terms and conditions of the company among other things. Sometimes, you can be given a discount simply by calling the company over the phone and asking for a custom price.

Avoid Late Return Charges
East Midlands car hire companies will charge you extra if you return the car past the agreed retuning time. If you pick up the car late, make sure the attendant adjusts the pickup time on the computer. When the retuning date arrives, plan your trip early. Take note of things like the weather and traffic jams that may make it difficult to return the car on time.

In case you will be late or would like to car for additional hours, call the car hire East Midlands company and ask for a deadline extension. Most of them will immediately give you the leeway. However, find out whether there will be additional charges for this extension.

Try Smaller Car Hire Agencies
There are many small car hire East Midlands companies that will offer you good rates. However, their choice of vehicle may be limited. If you are looking for a luxury car, it will be best to stick with the major firms. Some smaller agencies also offer other add-on services to their car hire packages to attract customers. If you are looking for a custom car hire solution, smaller firms may be the best for you.

The above are some of the things you should consider when you want to hire a car in East Midlands. With proper research, you are sure to get affordable car hire services during your holiday travel.

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