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Hotels Daytona Beach Florida - How To Select Hotels In Daytona Beach Florida

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Situated in the northeastern coast of Florida, Daytona Beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state. Home to just over 60,000 residents, the city receives millions of tourists each year. Daytona Beach is an absolute heaven for car racing fans and enthusiasts. After all, the city is the birthplace of NASCAR, and hosts world famous racing events at the Daytona International Speedway. Today, the spirit of NASCAR is still alive and well in Daytona Beach, as plenty of visitors continue to visit the city.

When talking about lodging and accommodations in Daytona Beach, the Daytona 500 race is part of the conversation. There are plenty of hotels to accommodate the large flocks of fans that attend the annual world famous NASCAR race. Held in early February, the Daytona 500 is responsible for the tourism peak season in the city.

Before searching for a hotel in Daytona Beach, it is important to get an idea of the important locations such as the airport, coast, and the speedway. Most visitors would like a hotel that is within close distance to these locations. The truth is that the locations are so convenient that they are essentially perfect for visitors.

Daytona Beach International Airport and the Daytona International Speedway are located right next to each other near International Speedway Blvd. However, the airport is rather small and has limited seasonal flights to a few destinations such as Atlanta and Charlotte. Nevertheless, transfers can be made at these airports from most locations within the United States. Additionally, Volusia Mall, a major shopping center, is located right across the airport and speedway.

Visitors who are attending the Daytona 500 are interested in staying right near the speedway. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices to select from. There are several hotels located along West International Blvd and Bill France Blvd. The list includes Extended Stay Deluxe Hotel , Suburban Extended Stay, Homewood Suites, Ramada Inn, Hilton Garden Inn, Residence Inn, and Hampton Inn. These are typical suburban type of hotels with modern amenities and facades. Most of these have plenty of parking spaces for guests, since many visitors drive there by their own cars. The rates per night at these hotels typically start at above $150 per, but can cost more during the peak season. Reservations should be made at least a week in advance, especially during busy times such as the NASCAR events. The most important feature of these Daytona Beach hotels is that they are within walking distance from great shopping, dining, and world famous stock car racing venue.

Visitors who are interested in enjoying the beautiful beaches of Daytona Beach will find even more choices. About two miles east of the Daytona International Speedway, there is an array of beach-front hotels. In fact, these hotels are located on a barrier island portion of Daytona Beach. Atlantic Avenue, also known as Florida A1A, is full of excellent hotels right on the Atlantic Ocean. There are literally dozens of hotels that line along these roads, and they even extend down to nearby communities such as Daytona Beach Shores.

The long list of waterfront Daytona Beach hotels includes familiar hotel chain names as well as some local operators. Some examples are Nautilus Inn, Inn on the Beach, Sierra Suites, Oceanside Inn, Bahama House, Sunny Shore, and many more. The major features that most of these hotels share in common are breathtaking views of the ocean, beach location, and swimming pools. On-site dining and bars allow visitors to enjoy great meals and refreshments in classic Florida style, right on the ocean. Fitness centers, meeting rooms are also standard amenities at such hotels. Additionally, most of the beach-front hotels are family friendly, as evident by kiddy pools, playgrounds, and even babysitting services.

To get an idea of the oceanfront hotels in Daytona Beach, it is important to look at some examples of features and prices. The Daytona Beach Oceanside Inn is a popular choice and a great example. Guest rooms for two adults start at just above $60 per night, making it one of the most affordable choices in the area. Room choices are Standard, Deluxe, One-Bedroom, and Penthouse. Many of the nearby hotels are very similar, so at the end of the day it comes down to comparing the price.

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