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Birthday Cards Online - How to Send Birthday Cards Online

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For some people, sending birthday cards to friends each year is something that goes without saying. Others, however, simply don’t take the time to send their friends cards, or don’t want to spend the money. After all, between postage and cards, sending birthday cards can be rather expensive over time. Fortunately, the Internet has made sending birthday cards easier and less expensive than ever before. With online cards, there’s no reason to ever miss another birthday again. Sending birthday cards online is something that even those who are not savvy with computers can do, and it only takes a few moments of your time.

Find the Right Site

There are a variety of different sites that offer eCard services. For most people, the best site for sending eCards is Hallmark.com. Hallmark not only has the reputation for being one of the leading companies in the card business, but they offer a wide variety of different cards at different price ranges. The great thing about Hallmark’s eCard service is that they offer a wealth of free cards for those who do not wish to purchase one. This makes not sending a card to a friend for their birthday simply inexcusable. While there are plenty of sites that offer eCards, Hallmark is simply the best.

Choose the Right Card

Choosing the right card is perhaps the most important part of the process. Since you will be sending a birthday card, be sure the one you choose is birthday themed, as you do not want to send the wrong message. Avoid any cards that don’t fit your personality, as they will just come off as odd. In general, the more applicable the card is to your friendship, the more well-received it will be.

Write the Right Message

Sending a birthday card is all about writing the right message. Be sure that you craft your message in as personal a way as possible. Bring up old times spent together, make an in-joke; so long as the person knows that you are thinking about them and aren’t just sending a generic card, your message will go a long way.


From here, it’s all about choosing when to have your card delivered. Most people will send them right away, but it is possible to select an actual time and date to have the card delivered. This can be useful for those who wish to write a few cards at a time and schedule them to go out on different dates.

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