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Stansted Car Hire - Stansted Car Hire-Get Value for Your Money

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With the economy on a tight leash in present times, people are looking for all sorts of ways to save a buck. This has also been extended to money set aside for holiday. If you are going on holiday to UK and will land at Stansted Airport, you should know ways that will make you get the best value for your money and also save at the same time. Below are some things you should consider:

a) Shop Around
It is important to shop around for before you settle for a particular car hire company based at Stansted Airport. This is important as it will not only help you to save on the cost of the rental but will also give you information about the cars available, pick up and drop off times, terms and conditions among other vital information.

Ensure that the car hire agency has incorporated things like unlimited mileage, theft protection, roadside assistance and damage cover. Also, inquire the exact fees you will be expected to cater for. For instance, find out whether you will have to cover airport or other location taxes.

b) Insurance
If you wish to take insurance from the Stansted car hire agency, make sure you know exactly what will be covered. It is particularly important to read the terms of the policy. Most car hire quotations come bundled with insurance. It is up to you to decide whether to accept or reject the policy.

Most of the times, this insurance won’t be necessary as it is likely the rental is covered in your current car insurance. If in doubt, contact your insurance agency and ask. If you decide to take the policy, know exactly how much you will be paying and what will be covered.

c) Which vehicle should you choose?
There are different types of vehicles you can get from Stansted car hire agencies. If you are looking to save, a smaller car will be ideal for you. However, you have to keep in mind the amount of luggage you will be carrying as well as the passengers who will ride with you. If you are with your family, a van may be your best convenient car.

Car rentals also vary depending on their type and classification. Luxury cars such as SUVs cost more than other saloon cars.

d) Extras
Some cars come with extras like air conditioners, GPS/Satellite Navigation Systems, surfing/ski racks, baby seats and more. While these additions increase convenience, it may be prudent to avoid them as they also increase the cost of your rental.

Ask the Stansted car hire company to get you a car that does not have such optional extras. You will save a significant amount of money if you do not mind a basic car.

e) Pickup and Drop Off Location
If you return the rental in a different location from the pickup or as agreed in the agreement, you will incur extra charges. Also, if you want a car outside office hours, be prepared to pay more.

Make sure you pick up the car at the location and time agreed with the company. If you are late to pick up, ask the attendant to adjust the computer pickup time so that it reflects the new timing otherwise you will not get full value for your money.

f) Hidden Charges
Be wary of other hidden charges that the Stansted car hire company may have. For example, you will be fined heavily if you return the car tank empty. If you return the car with damages, you will also have to pay extra.

As a safeguard measure, take photographs of the car when picking it up. If there are any notable damages, make sure they are captured in the pictures. These will be your proof in case you will be accused of damages that you are not responsible for.

The above 6 tips will help you save on the cost of Stansted car hire services. If you are going on holiday travel in United Kingdom and will be landing at Stansted Airport, it is best to book your car in advance. You will save time and be spared from the usual last minute hassles of getting a car. Moreover, you will also enjoy significant discounts when you book in advance.

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