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Cheap Car Rates - How To Find Cheap Car Rates

research your cars rentals versus used versus new compare prices online shopping

If you’re low on funds but need a ride to work, then it may be time to purchase a cheap car. Rates will vary depending on whether you choose to buy from a large automotive company or a smaller family-owned car lot. Once you do your research, you will know which method is necessary to buy a cheap car without breaking your bank.

Finding cheap car rates means you have to do more than drive around and look at the cars on the lot; you actually have to compare prices on cars of the same type. Just because you want a Honda, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy a Toyota that has similar miles but costs less money. When on a budget, every little bit you can save helps.

Research Your Cars

You might find that cars will cost less at family-owned car lots than the same used car at a larger auto dealer. This might be due to the miles on the car; a car of the same make and model will have a different price if the miles vary – more miles reduce the overall cost. That doesn’t mean you should automatically buy the car with higher miles; it could suffer mechanical failure sooner than a car that has less mileage.

Rentals Versus Used Versus New

You can actually find cheap car rates on rental cars, which could compete with the same price you would be spending on a car you purchase. It’s possible to rent a car every week for the same, if not less money, than what the cost of your monthly payments would be for a used car. However, you may never actually own the rental car; therefore, it would be a wasted investment. On the other hand, you would not be bound to a life-altering contract.

Compare Prices

Pay attention to cheap car rates that are announced on television commercials. During an economic downturn, automobile companies will drop the prices on both new and used cars. It is possible to purchase a car no less than five years old for only two-thousand dollars; of course, this depends on the make and model of the car. Sunday newspapers are another method to find cheap car rates. If your city has a local advertising paper, you can find cheap cars for sale by the previous owners. Sometimes, you can save extra money by skipping out on the middleman.

Online Shopping

Because it is so easy to find what you need online, you’d be surprised how many used car lots reduce their prices if you buy through their website. It would be a good idea to visit the website of the car lot you wish to purchase from to see if they have a sale on the vehicle you want.

You’ll find that it’s not hard to find cheap car rates as long as you’re willing to do a little extra research. If you find the car you want, find its blue book price online and see if you can talk the seller into dropping the price. Afterwards, you will find yourself driving a car that was cheaper than what you would have initially paid.

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