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Travel Insurance Over 70 - An Overview of Travel Insurance Over 70

medical senior citizens cover

For well over a century now, the average life expectancy has increased dramatically because of advances in modern medicine and more education about health and well being. Not only has the average life expectancy increased, but so has the quality of these later years. Senior citizens are quickly learning that they can live full and productive lives well into their 90s and beyond rather than being pent up at home or in a senior care facility. As a result, more senior citizens than ever are taking time to travel all over the world to experience new cultures, witness world renowned landmarks, and to just have a good time. However, traveling can be very stressful, particularly to senior citizens and presents other challenges even for the most fit, elderly travelers. The health of people that are advanced in age can change very quickly at the most inopportune time. That’s finding travel insurance over 70 year olds will need is imperative.

Senior citizens over the age of 70 that like to travel need to look into buying two different types of travel insurance. First, they should consider purchasing travel medical insurance. This type of policy provides insurance coverage for those people that are traveling abroad. Most senior citizens are covered by Medicare or Medicaid if they are traveling throughout the United States, however these two government health care programs do not cover treatments that are performed overseas. Also, some seniors may have supplemental insurance, which may also not cover any medical expenses that are incurred while out of the country. Should a person sustain a serious injury or needs emergency medical attention while on their trip, they would be responsible for paying the whole medical bill. However, buy purchasing travel medical insurance, many of the fees for doctors and hospital stays, along with any other medical care, may be covered, depending on the particulars of the policy. Most basic medical travel insurance policies will pay for medical treatments with options to buy coverage that pays for transportation and medical evacuation should it be necessary. The price of good quality health care is staggering and can create a huge financial burden on even the wealthiest individuals. By purchasing a medical travel insurance policy, senior citizens can put their minds at ease that if something bad happens, they will be protected. Each insurance company will offer different levels of coverage and different premium rates. For seniors, it is especially important to find travel insurance that covers preexisting conditions. The premium for these policies may be significantly higher, but are inconsequential compared to the staggering medical debts that could be incurred should a person require medical treatment while abroad. Seniors may also want to look into insurance policies that have provisions for accidental deaths and permanent disabilities if they plan on doing anything remotely dangerous on their trips outside of the country.

Another kind of travel insurance over 70 year olds should consider is regular travel insurance. This kind of travel insurance for people over 70 protects them against things that can go wrong on their trips. For example, a policy may cover lost luggage up to a certain amount. Or, it may provide reimbursement for lost travel checks or cash. When buying this kind of travel insurance, people over 70 should make sure that they take out enough insurance to cover their potential losses. For example, if a person is carrying $4000 worth of personal assets with them on a trip around the world, it does not make sense to only have a policy that covers up to $1000. In addition to covering lost objects like luggage, a person can also buy insurance that covers trip cancellations. This type of insurance can reimburse a senior citizen who has to cancel his or her trip for some unforeseen reason and can cover the costs of lost deposits, transportation surcharges, and other fees.

Obtaining travel insurance while over 70 can be expensive, however, the costs of the premiums pale in comparison to the potential debts one faces should the unthinkable happen while outside of the country. Although it may not seem like a necessity, travel insurance for people over 70 should be seriously considered before making any travel plans.

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