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Plan Toys Dollhouse - Plan Toys Dollhouse Sets Are Realistic

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In 1981, Plan Toys Company was founded in Lad Prao, within the city of Bangkok, Thailand. The original idea was to use rubber wood to build wooden toys with simple designs that would encourage creative play in a safe environment. Rubber trees grow extremely fast, and the wood is considered a renewable resource. With each passing year, Plan Toys has worked to include recyclable packing materials and soy ink to minimize their impact on the environment. All over the globe, this company has been awarded the highest honors within the toy industry for innovative designs and conscientious manufacturing processes. For nearly 30 years, Plan Toys has created a dollhouse line that includes every imaginable style, furnishing, and outdoor accessory to challenge young imaginations to flourish.

From the classic model of the Victorian dollhouse to the modern outline of the Green dollhouse, Plan Toys creates distinctive dollhouses that appeal to children all over the globe. The youngest child might be given My First dollhouse and start collecting the furnishings to fill every room. Rounded corners and large openings make this design perfect for tiny hands and shorter arms to reach every crevice. As the child grows, the Chalet dollhouse can be added to the collection. Sharp angles and intricate room designs add intrigue for the young collector who can move furnishings between the two structures. The Contemporary dollhouse is the simplest design that shows off the furniture and dolls with few obstructions. With resemblance to many two-story homes, the Terrace model is perfect for the unique accessory sets that are available separately. For the environmentally conscious family, the Plan Toys Green dollhouse includes the unique characteristics of a solar panel and wind mill on the roof to teach children about the alternative energy sources. When little brother wants to join in the fun, the wood parking garage can be added to the collection to enhance playtime exploration.

Each dollhouse has a unique set of rooms that can be furnished with realistic sets of furniture that are perfectly proportioned to fit in the home. Kitchen sets include cabinets, major appliances, and dishes. Different styles of living room furniture to compliment the style of the home can be purchased. Office furniture, dining room sets, and even bathroom fixtures can be added to the collection to furnish even the largest models without duplicates. When a child is expected within the family, the child can add a nursery set to the dollhouse. Adult and child bedroom sets add the perfect replicas to resemble reality. Whole house sets are available for the Plan Toys dollhouse to furnish the entire house for gift giving, and then collection activities can be focused on the specialty pieces. To add the human dimension to the home, a full line of dolls made from cloth are available to duplicate even the extended family. From family sets to individual dolls that resemble grandparents, dolls can be added to the collection for hours of playtime enjoyment.

For the exterior of the Plan Toys dollhouse, patio furniture, a barbecue set, and a tree house will give a neighborhood feel to the play area. Playground equipment and a doghouse and pet set are available to make the dollhouse set resemble the family home. When a family pet will be added, the dollhouse family can also get a pet. Other exterior accessories include a crane set for the little guy who just noticed all the activity on a construction site. And for the aspiring fireman, there are dolls clothed as firefighters and their fire engine. When a farm setting would be a great addition, there is a farmhouse and barn that can be complimented by the stable set and the tractor. The tiniest details have been designed into the vegetable garden for lessons about the sources of food, and the people who grow vegetables for others to eat.

Plan Toys produces toys that provide hours of enjoyment and can teach life lessons starting at the earliest ages while being safe for children of all ages. There are some duplicates on the market that are not original to the Plan Toys company so be aware of the copies when seeking to purchase the genuine article. When children are given toys that last throughout their childhood, they learn valuable lessons and cherish the gifts they receive. When gift ideas are needed, the simplest answer is to add to the collection.

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