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Health Insurance International Travel - Health Insurance Should be Purchased for International Travel

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Some insurance companies offer health insurance policies for those embarking on international travel excursions. While health insurance does not guarantee the traveler will be free from illness or injury, the policy will cover the expenses associated with medical treatment in countries that will be visited. For extended trips into areas of the world where heightened levels of disease may be encountered, an international health insurance policy is a good idea. When seeking an appropriate health insurance policy to cover the duration of the international travel, evaluate coverage, be aware of the requirements, and compare the similar characteristics to traditional health plans.

Emergency medical care policies are available that cover emergency situations where the unexpected accident or injury has occurred. The least expensive version of health insurance for international travel is considered “cheap” because the coverage levels are limited to a pre-set schedule. Non-emergency coverage must be explicitly listed as coverage in the policy for the traveler who would like to visit a physician just to have an ailment evaluated. Major medical policies cover the health and the life of the traveler up to the stated maximum limits stated in the policy. Emergency evacuation coverage will pay for medical transport to the home country in the event of a very serious illness or injury. In the event of death overseas, the emergency evacuation policy also ensures that the repatriation of the traveler’s remains. Carrying this particular policy would be a great comfort to the family in the event of the worst case scenario.

Prior to purchasing a health insurance policy for international travel, a questionnaire must be completed. All questions must be answered and any false information will nullify the policy in case of a claim. Some insurance companies allow an evaluation period so that you can look through the policy papers and make sure the policy is right for you. If you change your mind, many companies will charge an administration fee for writing the policy. Many insurance riders are available to cover the special activities and situations associated with vacation travel. Athletic coverage may be important for the active traveler. Maternity coverage is important for mothers who might need special care while outside the home country. Knowledge of the activities that will be part of the trip are important to purchase the right policy that provides enough coverage.

All health insurance policies for international travel have similar characteristics to the traditional health policies that cover most families. Deductibles are required to be paid prior to the health insurance company paying medical expenses under the policy. Higher deductibles will reduce the premium paid for coverage. Co-insurance is available inside and outside the United States and Canada, and the amounts are specifically stated within the policy. For the traveler with a pre-existing condition that was diagnoses and treated more than just a few days prior to purchase, the insurance company will not cover events associated with the condition. Other events can be covered, but any medical care costs associated with the pre-existing condition will be paid by the insured and denied by the insurance company.

Many travel companies and cruise lines will offer health insurance for international travel, but the rates are set and cannot be compared with other providers. Prior to booking a trip, do some research into the available health insurance plans and have the information in front of you when booking your trip. If anyone in the party has a pre-existing medical condition, research companies that would provide come insurance coverage for that condition. Be aware that any claim filed for that person will be disputed until proof is given that the pre-existing condition was not part of the treatment. Read all of the fine print associated with the health insurance coverage for international travel and ask questions concerning anything you do not understand. Watch for phrases that exempt the insurance company from paying medical claims for frivolous reasons. Review other customer comments prior to purchasing the coverage. Keep excellent records during the course of treatment and verify every bill that is presented by the medical facility. In hospitals around the globe, having a person stay with the patient is very wise. Communication will be a factor in many areas and asking for an interpreter is appropriate.

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almost 6 years ago

Nowadays many people are enjoying overseas travels.Travelers should understand that insurance is a necessity. And that's why people should have to get international travel health insurance for security purposes.