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High School Internships - The Benefits of Internships for High School Students

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High school students often overlook an important way to gain real-world experience while at the same time boosting their college applications: participating in an internship. There are many benefits of doing one or more internships while in high school. While finding internships as a high school student requires persistence, dedication, and a great attitude, finding a valuable internship experience can be easier than you might think.

Doing one or more internships while in high school can be highly beneficial. First, participating in an internship will help you explore future career possibilities and determine what you might want to study in college. Doing an internship is especially helpful if you have always wanted to pursue a particular career but don’t know too much what your day to day activities would entail in that profession. For example, a student interested in becoming a veterinarian could pursue an internship at a local animal shelter or a veterinarian’s office in order to gain practical, real-life experience working with animals. In this way, a high school internship can be of enormous personal benefit to you by allowing you to refine your interests and explore career options.

Additionally, participating in an internship experience while in high school is an excellent way to boost your resume and improve your college and scholarship applications. College admissions workers look favorably on applicants who have demonstrated an interest in their future major and who have gained hands-on experience in a particular field. High school internships can also impress scholarship foundations. When scholarship committees are faced with several applicants who have similar grades and standardized test scores, it is extracurricular activities that can really distinguish one applicant from another. An extracurricular activity like a high school internship will certainly set you apart from the rest of the applicants in the group.

Because it can be such a valuable experience, serious students should consider pursuing one or more internships. High school students should be aware, though, that most advertised internships with businesses, museums, and other organizations are geared towards college students or college graduates. In order to find an ideal internship, you will have to be very proactive in your internship search. Write to companies you are interested in and let them know you would like to speak with someone about arranging an internship. Send out your resume with a well-written cover letter specifying the kind of experience you are looking for. Follow up your letter with a phone call reiterating your interest. This will show potential employers you are serious about your internship search.

High school students should also be aware that they will probably not be paid for their work. The majority of internships, even for college students, are unpaid. However, an internship experience may really pay off if the work experience earns you a college scholarship. Keep in mind that there are more benefits of working as an intern than simply monetary gain.

With a great attitude, persistence, and a strong work ethic, you can find an appropriate internship as a high school student. The benefits of doing an internship are too great to pass by this opportunity.

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