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Travel Golf Bags - Buying Guide for Travel Golf Bags

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It is crucial for a golfer to have the right clubs to fit his body and swing in order to shoot good scores on the golf course. This why many golfers have their clubs customized when they purchase them. The lengths, lofts, lie angles, and weights can all be adjusted and customized to fit a particular golfer, eliminating one part out of the equation when determining what caused a bad shot. Having a custom fitted set of clubs can make all the difference between a good round a bad one. For golfers that like to travel a lot and play golf while on their excursions, having the right equipment can be a real issue. A lot of resort courses have clubs that are available for rental, but they never have clubs that have your exact specifications. One option that many golfers are looking into is travel golf bags. Using travel golf bags, they can take their own, custom fitted clubs with them, giving them confidence and familiarity while on a new course.

When thinking about whether or not to buy a travel golf bag for your golfing trips, you need to consider whether or not you actually need one. If you travel a lot and play golf every time you are out of town, then you should definitely get one. On the other hand, if you only travel to play golf once a year, you can probably do without it. Likewise, if you drive to many of your golf destinations, you really do not need a golf travel bag since you can control how your clubs are packed and handled. However, if you fly a lot, a travel golf bag is almost a necessity. Travel golf bags are all about protecting your clubs while they are on transit. Airline luggage handlers are notoriously rough with baggage, which can cause damage to fragile golf clubs. Considering that the average set of golf clubs can cost more than $1000, it only makes sense to protect your investment while traveling.

When buying travel golf bags, you have to choose between getting a bag that has a hard case or one that has a soft case. Golf travel bags with hard cases will cost more, but offer more protection. Consequently, they are also heavier and more bulky, making them cumbersome at times. Soft cased travel golf bags are also popular, but offer less protection than hard cases. These golf bags are made from heavy duty nylon that resists tears. Most have additional padded linings, which will help to protect the clubs. Sometimes, golfers pad the inside of these soft cases with towels, head covers, or even clothes to provide more protection during transit. One nice thing about soft cased travel golf bags is that they have a little more give to them than hard cases. Hard cases can sometimes crack or come open if they are bumped hard enough. Soft cases, however will absorb much of the shock and remain closed.

One feature that you should look for with golf travel bags is the set of wheels on the case. Although some golf travel bags do not come with wheels, they are in the minority. Wheels are almost absolutely mandatory for hard cases since they can be heavy and unwieldy to handle. Some travel golf bags have wheels that are permanently mounted to the bottom, while other have retractable wheels that make storing the bag easy. Also, make sure that your golf bag has sturdy handles, which will be useful when lifting the bag out of the car and off of the luggage carousel. Another thing to look for with golf travel bags are the zippers and the locks. Zippers need to be tight and locks should open with either a combination or a key.

Golf travel bags can be an expensive investment depending on what feature you want and how much protection that the case offers. Soft cased golf bags will start at just above $100, while hard cased travel golf bags can cost as much as $500. Therefore, you really need to think about your needs and whether or not you truly require a golf travel bag to protect your golf clubs.

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