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Usb Memory Card Readers - USB Memory Card Readers: What They Are And How They Can Simplify Data Transfer

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USB memory card readers are simple pieces of electronic equipment that let you transfer information from memory cards to USB-enabled electronic devices, such as computers. USB, which stands for Universal Serial Bus, refers to the specification for communication between devices and host controllers.

USB memory card readers can make life easier for anyone who needs to transfer large amounts of data from a device that uses a memory card. Digital cameras, camcorders, certain cell phones, MP3 players and game consoles are examples of devices that may use these cards.

It’s important note that there are different types of memory cards. Some of the most common types are: PCMCIA ATA Type I; CompactFlash; Smart Media Card; Memory Stick; and Subscriber Identity Module (SIM).

To transfer data, simply insert the memory card into the reader, which must be connected to the computer, and start the transfer. By transferring data from the memory card to the USB memory card reader, rather than connecting the USB cable directly to your device, you are saving battery life, and wear-and-tear on the device case hinges. Another advantage is that your electronic device is free to be used if needed. For example, you could continue to take digital photos while one of your memory card’s data is being transfered.

There are five main types of USB memory card readers: internal; desktop; stackable desktop; keychain style; and combo. The internal style of card reader is installed into a computer’s case. The others types of readers all connect externally, and they are portable. As their names suggest, desktop and stackable desktop card readers are meant to be placed on a desk near the computer. A keychain style card reader will be small and it will probably have a cord or clip attached. The combo style readers are compatible with two or more different types of memory cards.

When you are purchasing a USB memory card reader, check the reader’s compatibility to the memory cards you’ll be using, and verify your computer meets all the reader’s system requirements, including the computer’s processor, operating system, any other software requirements, and its USB port version number.

Be aware that viruses can be transfered between memory cards, readers and computers, so keep your antivirus programs up to date, and protect all these devices.

USB memory card readers are easy to use, and they can simplify the transfer large amounts of data from electronic devices to computers or peripherals, while reducing wear and tear on the electronic device, and saving its battery life.

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