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Car Parking Birmingham - A Guide to Car Parking in Birmingham, Alabama

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Birmingham, Alabama is a thriving commercial and industrial area. It is also home to one of the United States’ most important airports: Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM). BHM serves more than 3 million civilian passengers per year, and it meets the needs of the military and trade network. This means traffic, lots of it, and with that comes congestion. As with any bustling metropolis, car parking in Birmingham presents problems for residents and guests alike.

BHM Airport Parking

BHM offers more than 6,000 parking spaces for both daily and hourly services, and they have several lot types from which clients can choose, depending on availability. In addition, BHM employs a clever color-coded system that makes it easy to locate the vehicle upon return.

Hourly Parking – $1/hour or $24/day

Hourly parking is located at level 3 of the parking deck, and is available to those people who park at the airport for 4 hours or less. There is no penalty for parking longer than 4 hours, but clients will not be able to take advantage of the long-term rates offered in lots assigned for daily parking.

Daily Parking – $1/hour or $12/day

Daily parking is for those airports visitors who will park their car for 4 hours or more. Note that the minimum fee is $4 even if the client parks for less than 4 hours. Daily parking lots are on level 2 and levels 4 through 7 of the parking deck. There is an area on level 3 as well.

Remote Parking – $1/hour or $10/day

The airport remote parking is for those clients who will park their car for an extended period. However, there is no minimum above the norm, so you will not pay any more than $1 for unused time. BHM offers a shuttle service to and from the airport to the remote parking lot. There are also shuttle services from the airport to other parts of the city.

Cell Phone Lot Parking

The cell phone lot is a free parking area that accommodates as many as 40 visitors and allows cell phone use. The airport intends this area for visitors picking up travellers. The driver must stay with the vehicle at all times, and failure to do so with result in towing.

BHM Shuttle Services

• Airport Express* – 205-591-7770 or www.theairportexpress.com
• Alabama Limousine – 800-633-0223
• Birmingham Door to Door – 205-591-5550 or www.birminghamdoortodoor.com
• eShuttle – 205-702-4566
• Meteors Shuttle – 205-980-1083

*Airport Express is the primary on-site shuttle service. The provide shuttle services to the remote lot and into other parts of Birmingham.

Budget Airport Parking – 205-591-1182

An alternative to the BHM parking services is Budget Airport Parking, which is located six miles from the airport. This is further from the airport than the remote lot is, but Budget offers parking rates that are significantly lower than those found at the airport are. Budget also has their own shuttle service that runs between their location and the airport. This service is also an excellent way to save money on car rentals at BHM since you avoid the on-site premium.

How to Save Money Parking Your Car in Birmingham, Alabama

Here are some tips that should help you save money with airport-related parking:

• Coupons – Parking coupons and codes are available on websites catering to travel coupons.

• Travel package – Many travel packages include the parking fee at a discounted rate.

• Car rental – If you book a car rental at the destination, many rental services, such as Budget, provide the parking at the departure site free or at a reduced rate.

Parking Garages

Birmingham, Alabama also has public and private parking garages throughout the metropolitan area that offer both short-term and long-term parking services. The Central Parking System is responsible for the public garages, and you can reach them at 205-288-1900. Some of the shuttle services listed above provides shuttle service from the garages to BHM.

Valet Parking

Another important aspect of Birmingham parking is valet parking. The Birmingham area is home to a number of large, reputable parking management firms that provide valet services for corporate events as well as parties and weddings. Here are some of the more notable options:

• Air Valet – 205-595-7233
• Apex Valet – 205-991-0532
• Avia Valet & Parking Services – 205-795-2083
• Intelligent Parking Systems, Inc. – 205-991-6900
• Parking Management Corp – 205-423-0308
• Vintage Valet, Inc. – 205-423-0308

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