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Men's Winter Coats - How To Build A Wardrobe Of Men's Winter Coats

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Men’s winter coats are generally one of the more expensive wardrobe items, so when a man does purchase a new winter coat, it should fit them perfectly and should last for many years to come. However, all men need to have more than one coat for all their various work responsibilities, hobbies and activities. A man that has a wide range of options as far as styles, materials and lengths of winter coats is concerned will be warm and appropriately dressed for any occasion.

For those men who have a job that requires them to dress up daily in business attire such as a suit or dress trouser, they will need a work coat. Regardless of profession, every man should have a formal coat for situations such as a wedding, funeral or job interview. The formal coat should be knee length and in a neutral color like black, brown, chocolate, beige, gray, charcoal, navy or olive green. The sleeves should be a traditional cut-in style, meaning the seams are right at the shoulder. As for the material, it should be wool, cashmere, camel-hair or a blend. Many men also incorporate a three-quarter length trench coat into their formal wardrobe for wet, rainy conditions.

For those trips to the store, the movies or a relaxing dinner, every man needs a somewhat casual and less formal, yet still presentable, winter coat. This style of coat can be waist length or three-quarter length. It will go well with just about anything, from blue jeans to cargo pants to chinos. Leather and suede are popular materials that are used for styles such as the bomber jacket, motorcycle jacket or car coat. Color choices usually include black, brown, camel, chocolate, navy or gray. Other options include the quilted puffer jacket with down filler and the ski jacket, which are made from polyester, nylon, cotton or a combination of materials. The puffer and ski coats are available in a vast array of colors beyond the basic neutral shades, thus providing the opportunity for a little more individuality and interest.

For more intense physical activities like shoveling snow, working on the car, going for a hike or tailgating at a football game, men need a rugged, durable winter coat. A field coat or barn coat is a great choice because it has large pockets and comes in a variety of materials including canvas, corduroy, cotton, denim and wool. They can be plaid or solid. Some other options are the duffle coat, which comes in wool and has wooden toggle closures, the parka or stadium jacket, which is made from a combination of materials like polyester and nylon, the classic navy pea coat or reefer jacket, which is a double-breasted style that ends at mid-thigh or three quarter length, the quintessential faux-fur lined jean jacket and finally, the traditional sheepskin or shearling jacket, for the most frigid of conditions.

Any men’s winter coat that has features like a zip-out lining or detachable hood will make it more versatile and, therefore, a wise investment. This is especially beneficial for men who live in climates that tend to have extreme fluctuations in the weather. When a man has several winter coat options in his closet he will be prepared for any occasion and be confident that he looks pulled-together and situation appropriate. Different lengths, materials, styles and colors make for a well-rounded winter coat wardrobe. Having more than one winter coat and rotating them will also increase the life of the coat, not to mention keep it looking fresher, longer. Because they are an investment, an easy way to build an all-purpose collection of men’s winter coats is to purchase a different style each year, every few years or when one needs to be replaced due to wear and tear, damage or simply looking dilapidated. A great time to purchase a new winter coat is actually at the end of the season. This is when they go one sale to make room for warm weather gear. Finally, don’t forget about coordinating accessories like a scarf, gloves and hat. Just as there are different styles of men’s winter coats and different levels of formality, the same is true of winter accessories.

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