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Gateway Online Payment

credit card customer information

If you are operating an ecommerce based website and want to accept credit cards, then you are going to need to work with an online payment gateway. Gateway online payment means that you work with a third party credit card processor who will charge you a set up fee, a monthly fee or possibly just a per transaction fee to process credit card payments. Most online payments must be done with MasterCard and Visa but there are some that accept American Express and other payment types.

Gateway online payment means that you are protected and so is your customer. Generally when they pay for something purchased through your website, they will be transferred to a page that is run by the gateway. They enter their credit card information into the system for verification and you are protected because you never see the actual credit card information. Because the credit card information actually bypasses you, you are not responsible for the privacy of the customer’s data or the security measures that must be taken to ensure safe transactions. This is what you pay for when you opt to use an online payment gateway.

An online payment gateway will almost always offer anti-fraud methods to protect you and the customer. Without these measures, you would have no insurance against purchases made fraudulently and you would be out both the merchandise or service and the payment, as you will be required to refund the victim. Identity theft cases are on the rise and therefore you must protect your business from loss as a result of these situations.

Address verification services are something that online payment gateway companies provide as a service to prevent fraud. These services mean that the credit card processor will contact the bank in some manner and verify that the zip code and address information being provided by the customer matches what the bank has on file for the customer. The additional benefit is that the bank can then tell the processor if the card appears to be stolen or something doesn’t look right based on the customer’s normal purchasing habits.

You cannot afford the risk of processing credit cards yourself and there are many companies out there providing online payment gateway services that will save you money per transaction and help you to eliminate the risks associated with operating an online business that accepts credit card payments electronically.

Protect yourself and your customer and you will gain a reputation as a safe place to do business online. This is critical when there are so many competing companies who would love to have the opportunity to sell to your customers.

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