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Long Distance Cards - Choosing Long Distance Cards

pricing physical versus virtual

Long distance cards can be purchased by people who do not have a long distance plan as part of their home phone service. This allows them the ability to buy a certain amount of minutes beforehand without enduring any additional fees on their phone bill. They are very similar to prepaid calling cards; however, they are created specifically for calling long distance. This means that it can be used to call anywhere within the United States, as well as anywhere around the world.


Thankfully, scam phone companies have dwindled over the years due in part to customer reviews and online scam alerts. This leaves a majority of major phone companies and smaller businesses vying for total control of the long distance market. The fact that not everyone has long distance included in their phone plans proves that the price is often not worth the service. With prepaid cards, it takes the hassle out of long distance woes.

Like other prepaid cards, long distance cards are purchased at a set price with a specific amount of minutes provided. Companies, such as AT&T, have both physical and virtual cards for sale at various prices. Physical cards can be purchased from any local retailer from ten dollars and up. Even if you pay for a twenty-dollar card, the minutes can be worth anywhere from two to ten cents per minute. Once you run out of minutes, the card can no longer be used.

It may cost more to call a mobile phone than a land line, so it is always best to read the terms on the card or the website you’ve purchased the card from. If the website does not clearly state the pricing guide on the page, you should find another retailer. You can never be too careful when it comes to giving your information online; in fact, if you have a PayPal account, it would be safer to purchase long distance cards using your account instead of your credit card.

Physical Versus Virtual

Physical long distance cards that are purchased in a retail store have a PIN number located on the back side. A person will make a phone call using the phone number on the card, and then the dollar amount will be subtracted after each minute is used.

Virtual cards can be purchased online from any major phone company. Once the card is purchased, the PIN number will be delivered to you either on the confirmation page or through email; in some cases, it will be provided through both methods. The virtual card is treated as if it were a physical card; the card must be refilled once the minutes have all been used.

Some phone companies will give you trial minutes to test their service before you buy their product. If this is the case, the company is guaranteeing their service; this would be a company you could trust if you decide to make future purchases.

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