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Kem Plastic Playing Cards - Why You Should Purchase Kem Plastic Playing Cards

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Kem Plastic Playing Cards is actually a company with more than sixty years experience in manufacturing playing cards. What makes this company so special is that they create their brand name playing cards with plastic, rather than the easy-to-bend vinyl material used by competitors.

Because they are made from plastic, they feel much different than the average playing card; this means that the user will have a new experience each and every time they shuffle the deck. Home card players, casino dealers, and casino managers have invested in these plastic cards due to their durability, which has saved them money from purchasing cards on a weekly basis; with Kem, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear.


Kem plastic playing cards are made to last longer than a regular playing card; this is why they are made from expensive cellulose acetate. Paper playing cards will degrade far quicker than a Kem’s deck; also, the cards are still very flexible but will not warp or stick together. Kem reports that “players who bought a deck of cards a decade ago still use the same cards on game night.”


Kem plastic playing cards are the least expensive of the cards they offer; however, they still cost more than the average playing cards available from retail stores. You can buy a cheap deck of cards at a store for a dollar, whereas a deck of cards from Kem can cost over twenty dollars.

Even though this might be more than what you’re usually willing to spend, the quality of the product will last longer; consider it an investment. It may be difficult to find these cards in a retail store, so it’s best to shop around online to find the best price available. By purchasing from Kem, you can buy individual card decks, bulk items and even cards at wholesale prices. There is also a toll-free number to call in case you have any questions regarding their product.


There are many online retailers that sell protective cases for Kem plastic playing cards. It protects the cards as you carry them to your next game, and it makes them look as professional as the cards dealt in the casinos. Of course, you can always carry them in the small case they are shipped in, but it’s always nice to look professional when you’re playing dealer at your weekly game event.


Regardless if you play poker, blackjack, bridge, or a friendly game of Go-Fish, these cards will make your playing experience much better. You don’t have to worry about bending them when throwing them onto the table, nor will they crack and rip each time you fold the card. Because they are made from plastic, they make a sturdy structure for when you build your card castle.


There are all types of accessories you can buy for your cards, such as a timer dealer button and cut cards – which are colored cards that are used by dealers to cut the deck and keep the bottom card from being exposed. These items can usually be found on any website that sells Kem playing cards. Kem also has various designs and colors on the backs of their cards, so you will always have a choice when purchasing a deck.

If you want a good deal on Kem plastic playing cards, it would be wise to buy directly from their website. You will almost always find the best deals from the maker of the product, but don’t let that stop you from trying to find a better deal on a competitor card website. By purchasing from Kem directly, you might save more money and receive special promotions and free giveaways.

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